We really got to know the Vietnamese culture

Vietnam experience

For Marco and Josefina Stricker it is very important to be in personal contact with locals during their trips. For their trip to Vietnam they searched for less touristic spots where they could spend the night in homestays and discover the daily life of the Vietnamese. Along with the local travel expert of Better Places, they put together a beautiful customized trip.

Because of the impressive history of Vietnam this country was very interesting to Mark and Josephine. They heard positive stories about Vietnam and they were wondering how the country has recovered from the Vietnam War. “On the internet we were looking for a trip that fitted our needs,” says Marco. “We weren’t looking for a standard trip, but a program that we were able to customize, with full space for being in contact with the local population. We wanted to travel with the two of us and also preferred freedom in our planning. Better Places offered what we were looking for and the contact with the travel expert in Vietnam was good. We also liked the idea to have someone in Vietnam to rely on, just in case.

Vietnam experience

Cycling on a tea plantation

Marco and Josefina stated their wishes to the travel expert, who then designed a customized trip. Besides being in contact with locals, contacting the locals they wanted plenty of time to walk and bike around. “Our expert has responded so well to this,” says Josefina. “The designed itinerary totally fitted our wishes. We started in busy Hanoi and this city  was our base for several excursions. We visited a small tea plantation, very nice. There we first did a bike ride in the area and then we had lunch with the family who runs the plantation. We picked our own tea and made it, and we saw how the manufacturing process works. We found it very nice to see how these people work and live. ”

Travel Experiences Vietnam – Homestays

From Hanoi Marco and Josefina continued their travel to Pu Luong, a nature reserve located west of the city. This was a great success: there were few other tourists, nature was beautiful and they slept in nice homestays with local farming families. “We just sat at the table with them, that was great,” says Marco. “We walked a lot in the mountains, along with our guide Tham. He was very enthusiastic and passionate, just as all of our guides in Vietnam. I think these six days were the highlight of our trip. We had a lot of fun with Tham and he understood us.”

Vietnam experience

Trip to the Mekong Delta

After a visit to Halong Bay they travelled to Hue and Hoi An. A long train journey took Mark and Josephine Ho Chi Minh City, from which they made a trip to the Mekong Delta. “That was really cool,” enthuses Mark. “After all the cities we were to nature and we got plenty in the Mekong Delta. Together with our guide Ut we got on the bike and we took a beautiful route. We cycled along the water and over narrow bridges, past floating markets and small villages. We took a boat several times and we slept at night in homestays. That was another highlight of our trip. Also thanks to Ut, who came from the region itself and could tell us so much” Josefina:”. Our guides did their very best. By explaining eveything of us, but also by letting us taste and discover special dishes together with the locals. We felt truly immersed in the Vietnamese culture. The country has very much impressed us. ”

Vietnam experience

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