Travel apps

Planning your next trip? There are more and more handy travel apps available to help you prepare.
We’ve listed the best (free) travel apps for you.

travel apps


Do you want to keep track of where you’ve been? Polarsteps does it for you. While you travel, this app traces your steps so you can always look back and know exactly where you’ve been. It doesn’t need an internet connection and doesn’t eat up you battery life. It also allows you to share your account with other travellers, or to get inspiration for your next trip from other users.

Spotted by Locals

Nothing beats tips from locals for an authentic travel experience. It’s the best way to find out about and explore off the beaten track destinations that are relatively unknown to other tourists. Through this app, local residents of more than 66 cities share their ‘insider tips’ with you. Whether you’re visiting Mexico City or Rotterdam, today or in a year’s time, spotted by locals tips are always up-to-date.

This handy on-the-road app gives you access to an offline map with GPS services. Download the map of your destination country when you have access to WiFi, and use it during your four-wheel drive through Namibia, your trek through the Sapa mountains in Vietnam or while strolling through Lima looking for the best restaurant. lets you know when you’ve come across restaurants or famous sites, and maps out a route accordingly.

Jetlag Rooster

After arriving at your faraway destination of choice, chances are you will be suffering from jetlag. There are of course different tricks you can use to prevent the onset of jetlag, but the best tip we can give you is to download the app Jetlag Rooster . Fill in your flight arrival time before departure, advise the app on your normal sleeping pattern, and it will create a play-by-play plan of attack for you that will save you from getting jet lagged.


Do you like having an overview? Download TripIt: the app that stores all your travel information, tickets and reservations. In addition to creating a personal itinerary, the app also provides you with current weather forecasts, tips and maps. Ideal before and during your trip.

Happy Cow

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Then finding a restaurant during your travels can still be challenging. To find restaurants (abroad) that match your eating habits you can use the Happy Cow app. Indicate where you are and the cow will show you the way to all the best and most delicious hotspots. Did you find a restaurant that is not on the map yet? Then don’t forget to add it to the app!


During your travels you will probably be taking lots of pictures so you can look back later and share your experiences with the people at home. Nearly all smartphones today make high resolution photos, but sometimes they miss the professional touch of an SLR camera. Nik Software invented something for that: Snapseed. A mini photoshop for your mobile, which lets you easily edit your photos using the many customization options.

travel apps


A simple app that lets you track which countries you’ve visited. The countries you’ve been to are coloured orange so you can see in an instant how much of the world you’ve seen. A fun way to show friends and family what parts of the world you have visited.

City is Yours

There’s always more to see and add to your bucket list, and the ideal app for inspiration for your next trip is ‘City is Yours’. It is useful to compile your personal wish list using tips and lists of local (travel) experts. You can also add activities and destinations from other websites to your bucket list. The app can also serve as a travel guide.

Google Translate

Useful if you want to chat with the locals, but can’t speak the language. Nowadays you can translate 50 of the 60 languages offline, all you need to do is download them before leaving. Check the option for “offline languages” and make sure the dot circle turns blue – meaning the language is downloaded. A simple way to get more out of your trip.

travel apps

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