For over 10 years, she has guided groups travelling around the whole South America. Yet Chile has always been one of her favorite countries on the continent. This year, Marion decided to stop as a tour guide and set up her own travel agency. She is now developing tailor-made journeys for travellers who want to discover the most beautiful places in Chile. “Nature in Chile is beautiful and very varied.”

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Marion has accompanied more than 90 journeys and in between the trips she spent a lot of time in Santiago, the capital of Chile. “I always thought: one day I will be living in Santiago,” says Marion. “Two years ago, I met my Chilean partner and now I am actually living in Santiago. After ten years of traveling, I needed a permanent place. In early 2017, I started my own travel agency and since then I have developed customized trips for Chile and Bolivia, and a small part of Argentina. I know Chile very well and I have built up a good local network. Travelling as a tour guide, I always worked closely with local guides, drivers and hotel owners. We worked as a team, organizing a nice trip you can do together.”

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Beautiful nature in Chile

Chile is a relatively undiscovered country. “That makes Chile so special,” says Marion. “Nature is spectacular and the landscapes are vastly varied. In the north you will find deserts and volcanoes, in the south Patagonia with its mountains, glaciers and empty plains. And of course, on the east side, always the rough Andes. For nature lovers this is a paradise. I also love the people in Chile who are open and very interested. Chile has really become my country.”

chile travel advise

Favorite places Chile

Marion has several favourite places in Chile, which she would like to show to visitors. One of these is the Aysén region, in southern Chile. Here you will find wonderful nature with fjords, lakes, glaciers and green plains. “It’s best to drive around in a rented car here. Public transport is not so frequent and if you drive yourself, you can stop everywhere you want, “she says. “Also beautiful is the Maipo Valley, within two hours of Santiago. This place is not so famous, but it is gorgeous. Very rough and wild, with glaciers and hot springs. It’s nice to take a picnic and enjoy nature.”

chile travel advise

Discover Easter Island

You will find this mystical island with the famous statues with about a 5-hour flight from Santiago de Chile. But it is worth the long journey. “If you are in Chile, it’s the chance to visit Easter Island,” says Marion. “It is completely different from the mainland of Chile, much more Polynesian than South American. You will find extinct volcanoes, beautiful beaches and of course, the Moai, the famous statues of Easter Island.”

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