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Last updated Novmber 2018

Welcome to Better Places Travel! Please read these terms of use carefully before using this website.

Financial guarantees

As part of Better Places B.V, Better Places Travel is a registered participant of the Dutch-based financial guarantee scheme for travellers, SGR (registration number 3688). Under SGR’s guarantee, consumers shall have their prepaid travel sum refunded if their counter-party is unable to fulfill its contractual obligations due to financial inability. Insofar as the agreement includes the transport and the destination has already been reached, the return trip will be arranged.

Travel proposal / quote

Finalized travel proposals remain valid for 14 days. Better Places Travel reserves the right to adjust the quote if the proposal was made more than 14 days ago.

Booking and travel documents

You can finalize your booking by completing the online booking form. Please check that all information provided is correct, and that all names exactly match those in your passports. If there are any mistakes, it is your responsibility to let us know right away.

After receiving the completed booking form, the local travel expert will make the necessary reservations on your behalf. Should certain excursions or hotels no longer be available, you will receive an alternate proposal. Additional costs may apply.

Your booking can be cancelled free of charge within 24 hours of submitting the form, if it is booked at least eight weeks prior to departure. If less than eight weeks or after this 24 hour period, your booking will become definitive and you will be unable to cancel without penalty. You can read more about our cancellation policy below.

You will receive an invoice within five working days of submitting the booking form, providing an overview of your travel plan and proof of booking.

You will receive your travel documents from your local expert by email or upon arrival, depending on the country in question. Tickets for transportation are usually handed over in the destination itself.

Changing your booking

If you would like to make changes to your booking after receiving the invoice, you can simply consult with your local travel expert. If changes are possible, you will be charged approximately $30 USD per booking plus any applicable cancellation fees or upgrades.

Service fee

Better Places Travel charges a service fee of 2% on your final travel proposal sum.


You can make your payment by credit card via our secure online payment system, or through an international wire transfer. A deposit is 25%* of the total land arrangement costs is due within seven days of booking. Additional costs such as the reservation and service costs should also be paid in full at time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid eight weeks prior to departure. If your departure is less than eight weeks away, the entire travel sum must be paid within seven days of booking.

Your invoice will serve as your booking statement. Should you require a separate payment confirmation, please request through your local expert as one will not be automatically sent.

* This does not apply to all destinations where some parts of the trip will need to be paid in full at the time of booking (e.g. Galapagos excursions). Your local travel expert will inform you of such exceptions within seven days of booking. Any domestic flights must also be paid in full.

Cancellation policy

If after the time of booking you find that you need to cancel or delay your trip, Better Places Travel will charge a cancellation fee.

Below are our cancellation terms:

– At least 56 days before departure, the cancellation fee is 20% of the total travel cost, with a minimum of €200 or $200 USD

– 29 to 55 days before departure, the client owes 50% of the total travel cost, with a minimum of €200 or $200 USD

–14 to 28 days before departure, the client owes 75% of the total travel cost, with a minimum of €200 or $200 USD

– If less than 14 days before departure , the client is responsible for 100% of the travel cost

If domestic flights are included in the booking, 100% of the flight fee will be charged regardless of the cancellation date. For the Galapagos Islands tour, 100% of the travel fee will be charged upon cancellation.

Cancellation of the travel agreement must always be done in writing, by letter or email. If you have cancellation insurance, this written proof will be required for any reimbursement.

All our local travel experts use the Better Places Travel terms and conditions. If there are any exceptions, they will explicitly mention this before the final booking.

Changes to your booking in-destination

Travelling in foreign countries can sometimes be unpredictable, so the local expert may, at their discretion, make adjustments for your comfort and safety. If changes are necessary, the expert will maintain or improve the quality of your experience.

Passports, visa and health

On our website you will find general information about passports, visas and health, but you are responsible for having a valid passport and any necessary visas prior to departure.

Different countries apply different health advice and regulations. While we have general information on our website, you should seek professional advice from a vaccination clinic, tropical institute, or general medical practitioner. It is your responsibility to receive all necessary vaccinations and prophylaxis for your trip.

For more general information and insider tips, have a look at our practical info page.

Privacy and data protection

We safeguard and respect your right to privacy and data protection. We only use your personal details for the purpose in which they were intended, and have put in place suitable safeguards to secure the information we have collected from you. Any other use of your personal details, particularly selling this data to third parties, is strictly forbidden.

Legal notices 

Better Places Travel is part of Better Places B.V., a Dutch social enterprise, and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Leiden, the Netherlands, number 63672928.

Please note that any agreement entered into with Better Places Travel is subject to Dutch law, and that only a Dutch court of law is authorised to settle disputes between the traveller and Better Places.



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