Spotting the Big Five in the famous wildlife parks of Africa. Swimming in the turquoise sea of ​​Zanzibar. Meeting curious locals and enjoying the unspoiled nature. Travel through Tanzania and you will experience it all. See below for tips from our Tanzania travel expert.

Tanzania travel tips


Between the elephants of Tarangire National Park

The Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater are the most famous wildlife parks of Tanzania. You will definitely want to visit these places during your trip, but there are also plenty of smaller, lesser-known parks in the country. An example is the Tarangire National Park. The hilly landscape is very different from the plains of the Serengeti, and you can spot the Big Five. Tarangire is known for its huge herds of elephants, which will sometimes pass by your safari vehicle in a herd of more than fifty elephants.

Sleeping in a tent among wild animals

Want to experience the most famous wildlife parks in Tanzania? Opt for a night in a tented camp. The national parks have beautiful tent camps where you can sleep in a luxury tent with regular beds and a private bathroom. You can enjoy the peace, hear the animal sounds and be awoken by the chirping of dozens of birds. An experience to never forget.


Tanzania travel tips

Roam the streets of Stone Town

It’s nice to finish your journey through Tanzania on the white beaches of the island of Zanzibar. But Zanzibar is more than just beach paradise. The capital, Stone Town, is also very rewarding. This city is a mix of African, Arab and Asian influences and has a unique atmosphere. You can spend hours wandering through narrow streets and the beautifully carved doors are enough to create a photo book of. Zanzibar is also very suitable for shopping and visiting a cozy restaurant or bar. Don’t forget to visit the beach around sunset to see how the locals do their daily workout.


Tanzania travel tips

Mountain biking through the green landscape

In the vicinity of the village of Mto wa Mbu you can go on beautiful mountain bike tours. You will cycle through small villages, be waved at by locals and have to stop regularly for the Maasai warriors who want to cross the road with their cattle. You can see the local life in rural Tanzania pass before your eyes. If you want, you can cycle through to Lake Manyara National Park where you can spot flamingos and other animals.
Tanzania travel tips

Visit a coffee plantation

From Arusha, it is possible to make a day trip to the village Nkoaranga, located at the foot of Mount Meru. Together with a guide you will visit some local farmers to see how bananas, maize and beans are grown. Then take a look at a coffee plantation where you can see how coffee is made, from sowing to harvest. You will learn the difference between fair trade coffee and regular coffee, you will see how coffee is roasted and of course taste the fresh coffee itself. It is very interesting to see how this whole process happens. A nice addition to the safaris that Tanzania is famous for.

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