“Tanzania provides food for thought”

Rob van der Stel gave his daughter Denise (now 19) a father-daughter trip on her sixteenth birthday. Last year they travelled together to Tanzania where they spent two weeks discovering the most beautiful wildlife parks and the island of Zanzibar. They also visited an orphanage and went cycling in the Tanzanian countryside. “The journey needed to have an educational and cultural touch.”

Tanzania experience

“When Denise turned sixteen, I gave her a gift: a trip for both of us together.” says Rob. “We started thinking about destinations and eventually chose Tanzania. Tanzania appealed to us because it has a rough African touch, it’s a stable and safe country and because of the beautiful wildlife parks. On top of that, it offers space for educational and cultural elements, and that was a condition for me.” Rob went looking for an individual trip, with a program that is slightly different from standard trips offered. He got in touch the Better Places’ local travel expert in Tanzania, and designed a trip together. “Better Places Travel has an eye for sustainability and carefully considers their approach on travelling.” says Rob. “They work as much as possible with local partners and as a traveller you will get to be in contact with the locals. I think that’s important.”

Tanzania experience

Private driver safari

Rob and Denise started in Arusha and travelled with their private driver Rajai in a large safari jeep through the country. “Rajai is a super guy,” says Rob. “He is a very sincere and good guy with his heart in the right place. He was very considerate of people, he knows a lot about his country and is very social and caring. We still have regular contact through WhatsApp, he actually became a bit of a friend. ”

Tanzania experience

Cycling in the countryside

In terms of nature, the Serengeti and Tarangire National Park were the highlights of the trip. “It was great to see the Big Five and our stay in the tent camp was unique,” says Rob. “I was in the centre of the Serengeti just having a beer in front of my tent, when suddenly a herd of zebras passed by. Amazing. The tents themselves are very luxurious and it is very special to camp in the midst of wilderness.” Rob and Denise also did a mountain bike ride through the countryside surrounding the village of Mto wa Mbu. “It was much nicer than we thought,” Rob says enthusiastically. “We passed banana plantations where you can taste banana beer in the local pub and we got to visit places that we wouldn’t see otherwise. Tanzania is an amazing country with beautiful nature and hospitable people. Travelling in Tanzania was very pleasant. It was a memorable trip and it was very special to experience this together with my daughter.”

Tanzania experience

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