The best time to visit Suriname is from February until mid-April and from mid-August until mid-November

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best time to visit Suriname

Suriname has a typically tropical climate – high temperatures with many hours of sunshine and high amounts of rainfall. August and September are known for being dry and very sunny. There are two main rain seasons: one short (between the beginning of December and the end of January) and long (between the end of April and half of August). The ‘dry’ season is not necessarily entirely dry, merely ‘less wet’. Don’t get deterred by the term ‘rain season’: even though it rains more compared to other times in the year, these are mostly short showers. A whole day of rain is very rare.

best time to visit Suriname

Best time to visit Suriname

There are no hurricanes in Suriname. Strong winds can occur during rainstorms and are locally called ‘Sibiboesies’. These are comparable to storms and can be quite severe. If you are surprised by a Surinamese rainfall (usually between midday and 4 pm), you can expect to get completely soaked.

The climate in Suriname is quite predictable: the lowest temperature is around 20 degrees (6 AM), and the temperature then rises to about 35 degrees Celsius during the day. It is always hot, and when combined with the rain fall, the humidity is quite high. Note that the sun is quite strong, even when it rains – don’t forget to use sun protection.

See here for more information about average temperatures and rainfall in Suriname.

best time to visit Suriname

Best time to visit Suriname

The best time to visit Suriname is from February until mid-April and from mid-August to mid-November. This is the period with the lowest amount of rainfall. Be aware that in Suriname it will be warm and humid throughout the whole year.

best time to visit Suriname

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