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For your Nicaragua holiday we use small-scale hotels that are built in a responsible way, and which are often in the middle of nature in a special location. Hospitality is paramount to these hotels and the local food is delicious. Nearly all Nicaragua hotels we use work in a sustainable way and some hotels are affiliated with the Rainforest Alliance. Below is a description of some of the hotels in Nicaragua that we use.

nicaragua hotels

Matagalpa – Hotel San José
Hotel San José is located in Matagalpa, close to shops, museums and restaurants. Since its founding in 2009 it has been striving for excellent quality and loyalty. The hotel has a natural ambiance and immensely hospitable staff, quickly making you feel at home .

nicaragua hotels

Estelí – Eco Posada el Tisey
This farm has been owned by the Cerrato family for four generations. It is located in a nature reserve that is partly protected rainforest. The Eco Posada serves typical Nicaraguan food and sells handicraft products. You can hike in the surrounding area and admire the beautiful countryside where a visit to the Mirador is a must.

nicaragua hotels

Granada – Hotel Con Corazon
The “Hotel with a Heart” in the colonial city of Granada is a very special hotel. All income goes to a youth education program. This cozy hotel is very popular and the education program is a great success. You can enjoy the beautiful garden and swimming pool.

nicaragua hotels

La Selva Negra – Selva Negra Mountain Hotel
La Selva Negra is not just a hotel. It is an ecolodge, a nature reserve, a restaurant, a research station, an organic farm and a coffee plantation all in one. La Selva Negra is located in a special location as it sits on a mountain in the cloud forest. Here you can enjoy nature at its best. You can take walks here, spot birds and visit the coffee plantation. The hotel is affiliated with the Rainforest Alliance.

nicaragua hotels

Chinandega – Hostal Hato Nuevo
This guesthouse is located in a protected nature reserve that you can explore on foot or by horse. It is a unique area. In the hostel you can also enjoy the surroundings from your hammock. The owner is a local artist, who not only makes wooden furniture and paintings, but is also an amazing cook!

nicaragua hotels

León – Hotel Austria
Hotel Austria is located just 1 block from the center of León. It is the ideal place to enjoy the churches and colonial buildings that the city has to offer. The friendly staff will help you in every way. The hotel uses solar panels and is affiliated with the Rainforest Alliance.

nicaragua hotels

Laguna Apoyo – Apoyo Eco Resort
This unique jungle resort is located at the shore of the deepest and cleanest volcanic lake in Central America. Here you will find many different plants, animals and fish species. You can see them going on a walk, a swim in the lake or even from your hammock at the villas. You can enjoy a treatment in the spa that uses unique products from the crater lake.

nicaragua hotels

La Corona – Homestay at the coffee farmers
Interest in staying with coffee farmers started when fair trade coffee buyers wanted to experience where their coffee came from. Over the years, the visits and overnight stays with the families in La Corona have become popular. This is a great place for people who want to experience life in the Nicaraguan countryside and the processing of the coffee themselves and have no problem with a simple overnight stay. The local clinic, the school and a waterfall can also be visited.

Examples of hotels Nicaragua
These hotels are an example of the Nicaragua hotels that could be used during a trip. All hotels are booked based on availability of accommodation at the time of booking.

Sustainable hotels Nicaragua
In tourism, there are more than seventy quality labels for accommodations worldwide. These eco-labels all contribute in their own way to the preservation of the tourism sector. One label is focused on social aspects and fair trade, the other more on the environment. An eco-label is a guarantee of good quality. Do you want to know what exactly a sustainable hotel means? Then go to the Rainforest Alliance website for an interactive presentation.


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