The best time to visit Nicaragua is from November to March

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best time to visit nicaragua

Nicaragua is located in the middle of Central America. It has a total of over nine hundred kilometres of coastline, of which about two thirds runs along the Caribbean Sea and one third along the Pacific Ocean. The climate of Nicaragua consists of a variation of three tropical climates. The northwest and east have a tropical rainforest climate, the centre and southwest have a tropical monsoon climate and a tropical savannah climate. Fortunately, this is not a problem when considering the best travel time in Nicaragua.

best time to visit nicaragua

The mountainous area that runs through the center of Nicaragua is divided into three zones. The lowlands rise up to a height of 750 metres and these are the hottest areas of Nicaragua where it can easily reach 35 degrees Celsius in March and April. In the coastal areas, the temperature hangs slightly above 30 degrees, comparable to the temperature in the central highland where altitudes sit between 750 and 1600 metres. The highest places in Nicaragua are known as the cold land. These areas have an average maximum temperature of 22 to 24 degrees, which can drop down to 10 to 15 degrees on average at night. Long ago, there were reports of snowfall on the mountain peaks, but nowadays it doesn’t get that cold anymore.

Nicaragua belongs to the wettest countries of Central America. The annual rainfall ranges from almost a thousand millimetres to over six thousand millimetres. The rainy season is heaviest in the central part of Nicaragua where the most precipitation falls in the summer. The months from November to April are considerably drier. In the northwest and east, the differences throughout the year are much smaller and generally there is not a distinct rainy season or dry period.

best time to visit nicaragua

Nicaragua lies in a hurricane-sensitive area. The eastern half of the country is within range of tropical storms, tropical depression and hurricanes. During the hurricane season from June to December, there is a chance of heavy rainfall, storm and tidal waves due to hurricane activity. Although the likelihood of a full hurricane going over Nicaragua is not so large, there is a considerable chance of heavy rainfall, which can lead to floods, mud currents and landslides. Especially in places where the tropical rainforest has been cut for animal husbandry or timber export, the soil is more sensitive to problems caused by water.

Best travel time Nicaragua

We recommend avoiding April and May when it is very damp and hot in the jungle and there are uncomfortable dust clouds. If you don’t mind a refreshing shower every now and then, consider travelling during the Nicaraguan rainy season from May to October. The best travel time for Nicaragua is during the dry season, from November to March. During these months the days are warm and sunny.

best time to visit nicaragua

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