2 week tour
Nepal Adventure

  • Explore Pokhara Valley
  • Spend three days at Bardia National Park, looking for tigers and other wildlife
  • Visit Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha

During this 2 week adventure tour of Nepal you will explore Nepal beyond the Himalayas. Start your tour in Boudhanath, 5 km northeast of Kathmandu and home to one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world. From Boudhanath your Nepal adventure continues to Begnas Lake and Pokhara Valley. You’ll have plenty of time to rest and explore your surroundings during the next couple of days – including the chance to visit a local cooperative coffee farm. Via Lumbini (birthplace of Buddha) your trip continues to Bardia National Park. During the 3 days you’ll get the chance to go wildlife spotting (keep an eye out for the one-horned rhino and the Bengali tiger!), meet the local Tharu people, and go on a jungle trek on foot. One of the last stops on the tour is Nuwakot, an enchanting and authentic village just north of Kathmandu. Enjoy this adventure and get to know the real Nepal beyond the Himalayas!

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15 day tour of Nepal

Route: Kathmandu – Boudhanath – Begnas Lake – Lumbini – Bardia National Park – Sauraha – Nuwakot – Patan

Nepal adventure

Day 1 – Kathmandu
Welcome to Nepal! We will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your accommodation in Boudha, about 5 km northeast of central Kathmandu. The great white stupa of Boudhanath is the sacred heart of a large Tibetan Buddhist community. The “great stupa” is one of the largest stupas in the world and the most important Tibetan Buddhist monument outside Tibet. Feel free to observe or participate in the prayers of dozens of Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world.

Nepal adventure

Day 2 – Boudhanath 
Soak up the culture and visit the temple of Swayambunath with its beautiful statues in the Buddha Garden. You can also choose to visit the Hindu site of Pashupatinath, where ritual burials and ceremonies take place every day at the riverbanks of the Bagmati river. Or how about a stroll through the colourful alleyways of the old city of Kathmandu. If you want to learn more about Buddhism, visit the impressive Kopan Monastery and observe the monks during their meditations and ceremonies. You can even visit a local organic farm and have a meal there.

Nepal adventure


Day 3 – Drive to Begnas Lake (Pokhara Valley)
After breakfast you leave Kathmandu in the direction Pokhara and the surrounding lakes. You arrive at your destination in the late afternoon. Far away from the touristy lakeside of Pokhara, you will stay in a resort surrounded by greenery and with a view on Begnas Lake. Spend the afternoon discovering the surroundings or just relax by the pool.

Day 4 – Begnas Lake (Pokhara Valley)
Spend the morning exploring the surroundings between the rice fields and the small village, or choose for a boat trip on the lake This is an area which is not visited frequently by foreigners, giving you a chance to see authentic local life. The area is also rich in coffee, and many of the farmers have joined forces in a cooperative to get their organic coffee on the market. You can visit this coffee farm and the owners will happily explain how their coffee is grown.

Nepal adventure

Day 5 – Drive to Lumbini
Today you leave Begnas Lake in the direction of Lumbini. Lumbini is situated in southern Nepal and is set in five square miles of landscaped gardens. This is an important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists as well as Hindus – learn all about it during a visit to the heritage site.

Nepal adventure

Day 6 –Lumbini
Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha and for this reason the most important historical city of Nepal. You can find excavations dating back to the 3rd century BC. The city is full of temples and statues, such as the Maya Devi temple, Buddhist monasteries of different types and the pillar of Ashoka. There are also see beautiful scenes depicting the life of Buddha. You can visit this area on foot or by bike, or get taken around by a rickshaw.

Nepal adventure

Day 7 – Drive to Bardia National Park
Drive towards Bardia National Park today. Relax in the evening at your small private homestay, or explore the surroundings. Bardia National Park is Nepal’s largest national park and wilderness area. There are lots of spots where you can admire the animals, and even see endangered species – such as the Bengal tiger and the one-horned rhino.  You can also spend your time wandering the beautiful countryside or chatting with the friendly Tharu people.

Nepal adventure

Day 8 – Bardia National Park
A full-day jungle walk is the best way to see wildlife and birds in the national park. A local guide will show you around on foot and make sure you stay on the safe paths in the jungle. You will follow the paw prints in the mud and find the wildlife by listening to the sounds of the jungle, walking along small tracks and crossing rivers, or sitting at watchtowers and riverbanks waiting for the animals to come to the river to drink.

Day 9 – Bardia National Park
A full-day jeep tour will take you further into the jungle, giving you the opportunity to see different parts of the park. You will stop at watchtowers, wildlife drinking spots and at riverbanks.

Day 10 – Bardia National Park
Spend you final day in Bardia exploring the park from an inflatable raft  – giving you a wonderful chance to see the park from the river. You can watch birds and wild animals on the shores of the river, and might even see the rare Gangetic river dolphin. The water in the river is calm with just a few rapids, making this a perfect setting for spotting wildlife and for bird watching.

Nepal adventure

Day 11 – drive to Sauraha
You’ll depart form Bardia today towards  Sauraha, located next to  After arriving in Sauraha, Chitwan National Park. Relax and enjoy the sunset from your lodge,  or stretch your legs during an evening walk in the surroundings.

Nepal adventure

Day 12 – drive to Nuwakot
The small village of Nuwakot, just southeast of Trisuli Bazaar, has a well-deserved reputation as an enchanting historical town. Although some village houses collapsed and several historic temples and palaces were damaged during the earthquake in 2015, it remains a captivating village well worth a visit. The most famous site in Nuwakot is its historic Durbar Square and the most striking monument is a seven-storey fortress. Spend the night in a charming lodge, located in a tastefully converted old village house.

Day 13 – Nuwakot
Spend the day walking around Nuwakot. There are several possible walks including to the viewpoint tower next to the Kalika Temple. Another popular walk is to the Malika Temple, situated on a nearby hilltop. Afterwards, you can relax in the peaceful garden of your lodge and enjoy the local,organic food, with views on the Trisuli Valley.

Nepal adventure

Day 14 – Drive to Patan
If you’re up for an early morning, be sure to catch the beautiful sunrise. After enjoying breakfast in the garden, you leave to your final destination: the Ancient City of Patan. Patan is one of the three ancient King cities of Kathmandu Valley. Many of its residents make their living by partaking in handicrafts such as stone carving and creating metallic statues.  The highlight of Patan is the beautiful Durbar square which has been given status as a world heritage site.

Day 15 – End of your journey
Your journey through the Nepal comes to an end today. A transfer will be organized from your hotel to the  airport, where you will board your flight home.

Nepal adventure


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