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Hi travellers! My name is Nina and I work at Better Places Travel as Namibia specialist. As a child, I always dreamed about Africa. I often told my mother that one day I would go to Africa. And I did. When I finally went on my first overland tour through southern Africa, the moment I stood on the Cape of Good Hope, it felt like coming home. Even after several months of working as volunteer in Cape town, I still felt unbelievably at home. I literally travelled around the whole world to be absolutely sure I wanted to live in southern Africa. And I’ve been there ever since. From Amsterdam to the middle of the Kalahari, I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere, 100 km from the closest town and just across the border from Namibia. I loved being able to regularly hop over the border to Namibia, an indescribably beautiful country! Similar to the South African Kalahair, it boasts vast landscapes, large open spaces and fantastic colours. And you can smell the rain! I’ve been a travel specialist all my life and am absolutely passionate about my new home country. Over the years I’ve become specialized in community tourism and responsible travel. Tourism is a great way to give that extra boost to the economy and to help develop the country and people. I’ve travelled extensively  through South Africa and Namibia, but have also crossed through Botswana and Zimbabwe. I’d love nothing more than to share this travel experience with everyone.

Come travel with us and experience a unique travel adventure and discover the special ‘ubuntu’ (share and care) of Africa.

Design your own tailor-made Namibia holiday

Get inspired by our travel suggestions. You can also compile your own program, entirely suited to your wishes. You can then ask for a travel proposal. As soon as you have submitted the travel proposal you will receive a response within two working days. Nina does her utmost to match the travel proposal as closely as possible to your personal wishes. The more information you give, the better she can incorporate your wishes.

Something to celebrate?

Are you planning your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or do you have another reason for a special Namibia tour? Together with Nina you can design your tour and make it even more special. Everything you need to make your trip to Namibia unforgettable.

Better Places Travel: Real contact with the local population

Travelling is more than collecting sightseeing spots. Of course you’ll want to see the famous highlights of Namibia. But it’s often what you experience in special places where few travellers come, that usually stays with you for a long time. It is precisely those unexpected encounters that give you a different view of the country, culture, people and sometimes even your own life! By working with a local expert who has experience with travellers but also has a lot of local knowledge, your journey takes on that extra dimension.

Positive contribution

By staying in sustainable hotels or at surprising places or even at locals’ homes, your Namibia trip both positively contributes to the environment and local population, and gives you a unique experience. Is that ‘better’? We think so. You’ll have the most up-to-date knowledge through your Namibia specialist on site. And by cutting out the middle man, you can organize your trip at a reasonable price.

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All our travel experts are English-speaking locals or seasoned expatriates.

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