10 day tour
Namibia Highlights

  • Climb one of the highest sand dunes of the world in the Namib desert
  • Explore stunning rock formations in Damaraland
  • Spot wildlife in Etosha National Park

This Namibia highlights tour literally takes you from one highlight to the next. The first stop is the Kalahari desert with its red sand dunes. You travel on to the Namib desert, famous for the highest sand dunes in the world and Sossusvlei. Your trip continues to Swakopmund, a small colonial town on the coast. The spectacular red sand dunes of the Namib desert can still be seen in the distance, and there are various desert excursions you can make from Swakopmund. Via the Skeleton Coast you will travel on to Damaraland, one of the last untouched areas of Africa. You can do various safari tours in Etosha and Waterberg. You travel by rental car which gives you lots of freedom.

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10 day tour

Namibia Highlights:

Windhoek – Mariental – Naukluft Mountains – Swakopmund – Damaraland – Etosha – Waterberg – Windhoek

Namibia highlights

Day 1 – Arrival in Windhoek; drive to Mariental (261 km).
After arriving at Windhoek airport you’ll pick up your rental car and drive to Mariental. The first stop of your Namibia Highlights tour is the Kalahari desert with its red sand dunes. You can go for a nature drive, take a walk with the San bushmen or experience a night of stargazing.

Namibia highlights

Day 2 – Mariental to Naukluft Mountains (260 km)
Today you’ll travel through to the oldest desert, the Namib, famous for the highest sand dunes in the world and Sossusvlei. As one of Namibia’s highlights, the Namib desert is not to be missed. It recently became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the characteristic red sand dunes can be seen on almost every brochure on Namibia. Many people will also be familiar with Sossusvlei, which sits in a valley among the vast desert sand dunes.

Day 3 – Namib-Naukluft Mountains
Today you will visit the Sossusvlei and Deadvlei in the Namib desert. The Namib desert is more than 80 million years old and stretches over an area of 1600 kilometres. The desert is located on the coast and the sea wind impacts the shape of the sand dunes. This means some dunes are more than 300 metres high. The most famous is probably Dune 45, an easy-to-reach sand dune about 170 metres high. It’s possible to climb the dune, but the hike can be quite taxing due to the heat, the thin sand and the narrow edge.

Namibia highlights

Day 4 – Naukluft Mountains to Swakopmund (370 km)
Today’s journey takes you to the historic town of Swakopmund, not too far from the desert. Swakopmund is located on the coast and is best known for it’s unusual mix of German colonial architecture and Namibian influences. Don’t be surprised if you find the occasional wiener schnitzel on the local restaurant menu. You’ll spend the next two days getting to know Swakopmund.

Namibia highlights

Day 5 – Swakopmund
Take the day off to explore the city. Go for a walk over the boulevard and on the beach, enjoying the view of the colonial buildings and the cooling sea breeze. You can also choose to go on various desert excursions, such as a Living Deserts tour where a jeep takes you through the desert in search of local flora.

Namibia highlights

Day 6 – Swakopmund to Damaraland (326 km)
Your journey continues down the Skeleton Coast, named after the many shipwrecks that have washed ashore. On your way, you can choose to make a short stop in Cape Cross, home to a large sea lion colony. Once you arrive in Damaraland you will find the landscape varies from African savannah with shrubs and acacias to dry river beds to massive mountain peaks and table mountains. This area is one of the few areas of Africa that is still wild. The Vingerklip, the Organ Pipes and the stone trunks are works of art, despite the fact that they’re naturally formed. The White Lady is another piece of rock artwork that you can view here. It shows unique drawings that you can’t find anywhere else in the country.

Day 7 – To Etosha (200 km)
Today you will visit Etosha, the country’s best park when it comes to spotting wild animals. During the dry season, you can watch large herds of animals gathering at the water holes. Etosha is a huge park where you can easily spend several days exploring and viewing the wildlife. The variety in landscape within this park means you can find a great diversity of animals in every corner of the park.

Namibia highlights

Day 8 – Etosha
Today you will travel to an area within Etosha that used to be closed-off, but is now open to the public. Because this area has seen so few tourists compared to the rest of the park, you will encounter dozens of water holes and many more animals, including zebras, giraffes and rhinoceros. Today you will stay in an accommodation that gives you an excellent view of the animals at the water hole, even at night when it is floodlit.

Namibia highlights

Day 9 – Etosha to Okonjima Nature Reserve (230 km)
From one park to the next, you will drive from Etosha to the Okonjima Nature Reserve. You will drive straight through the semi desert of the Kalahari in the direction of the ‘Table Mountain’ of Namibia. It will be a completely different wildlife experience from Etosha. Spend your last night at the home of the Africat Foundation or in the Waterberg itself.

Day 10 – Departure from Windhoek – End trip (223 km)
Today you will drive back to Windhoek where you can buy some souvenirs from your trip or take some time to relax before returning home. You will leave your car behind and hopefully return with many beautiful pictures and good memories.

Namibia highlights


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