14 day tour
Namibia with kids Trip

  • Climb the dunes of Sossusvlei
  • View old car wrecks and shipwrecks
  • Spot wildlife in Etosha National Park

This Namibia with kids trip is perfect for animal lovers! Throughout the journey you will encounter a wide variety of animals; from deer and birds to giraffes, elephants and rhinos. You will drive through various parks, such as Mariental, Etosha and Waterberg, and you will even try to find rhinos on foot! You will also visit the oldest desert in the world and the cozy coastal town of Swakopmund. After this Namibia family trip, you will want to go on safari again!

Namibia with kids


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14 day tour of Namibia:

Windhoek – Mariental – Sesriem – Swakopmund – Uis Myn – Damaraland – Etosha – Waterberg – Windhoek

Namibia with kids

Day 1 – Arrival in Windhoek – to Mariental
Your Namibia with kids trip starts in Windhoek. You will pick up your rental car and drive straight to Mariental. Here you will stay in a lodge about 10 kilometres from Mariental, at a game reserve. The lodge features a swimming pool, which is a nice surprise after the long trip to Namibia.

Day 2 – Mariental
Your first safari day has arrived! Take the jeep to see if you can meet the true African animals. You will also take a walk with a guide that will tell you all about the bushmen who live in this area.

Namibia with kids

Day 3 – Mariental to Sesriem
Today you have a long day of travel of about 275 kilometres to Sesriem. Sesriem is a village near the Namib-Naukluft desert, the oldest desert in the world. The desert is actually visible on all pictures of Namibia’s leaflets. The road to it seems endless, it’s very quiet and sometimes you’ll see a car wreck on the way. Eventually you will reach the lodge where you will sleep at the end of the afternoon.

Day 4 – Sesriem: Namib-Naukluft
The Namib Desert may not be known to many, but at Sossusvlei, everybody knows what you are going to see today. Sossusvlei and the neighbouring Deathvlei are the highlights of a Namibia tour with children for many people. The red sand dunes are sometimes up to 300 metres high and the dry plains in between often make for beautiful pictures. You have the whole day to explore the desert. If you want to climb the dunes, then this is also a possibility; However, take into account the heat, height and the loose sand.

Namibia with kids

Day 5 – Sesriem to Swakopmund
You will leave Sesriem and travel on to Swakopmund. During the whole ride today you will still be able to enjoy the desert landscape. Maybe you’ll encounter some springbok or ostrich! Along the way you will pass the Walvis Bay, where you can visit the pelican colony before heading to your hotel in the German colonial town of Swakopmund.

Day 6 – Swakopmund
Swakopmund still has a very German character, with many old colonial houses and buildings, but with Namibian influences. Today you can explore the town, and take a break in a café or ‘Konditorei’ where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with ‘Sachertorte’ or ‘Apfelstrudel’. You will also stay in Swakopmund tomorrow, so take your time enjoying the day.

Namibia with kids

Day 7 – Swakopmund
Swakopmund is located right on the coast. Today you can enjoy the beach and the sea. You can also spend the day more actively, for example through an optional desert excursion. A recommended excursion is the Living Desert tour, where you can meet various special animals that live only in the desert.

Day 8 – Swakopmund to Uis Myn
Because the road to Damaraland is so long, you will make a stop at Uis Myn today. This is actually a place in the middle of nowhere, where there is not much to experience. In the past, it was especially attractive because it had the biggest tin mine in the world. You can visit an exhibition about the history of the village, but you can also drive along the coastline and watch the wrecks. The coast on the north of Swakopmund till the Angolan border is known as the Skeleton Coast because many ships got stranded here on land. Make a stop at Cape Cross, where you can see a lot of seals.

Namibia with kids

Day 9 – Damaraland
Damaraland is a wild area. It consists of African savannah with bushes, dry river beds, massive mountain peaks and table mountains. In this area you will find stones that are worn out by nature and form the craziest things. For example, you’ll find the Vingerklip and Organ Pipes. Also, there is a special rock art, the White Lady, which is unique because there are certain parts in the drawing that you will not find anywhere else in the country.

Day 10 – rhino tracking
A rhino tracking is by every means one of the most special excursions of your Namibia tour with children! Together with a guide you will go searching for wild animals, but mostly focused on rhino spores. Once the guide finds a track, you will get out of the jeep and continue your search for the rhinoceros on foot, which adds some extra stress. Especially when you see the rhinoceros, it’s great to get so close! You will, of course, keep your distance if you see a rhino, because the animals remain wild, but the guide is always there to protect you.

Namibia with kids

Day 11 – Etosha
Today you are visiting Namibia’s most famous safari park: Etosha National Park. The name Etosha means ‘place of dry water’, and that is only partly true: in spite of the large dry plains on which the animals live, there are also numerous water holes where animals gather to drink. There are large groups of springboks, gemsbok, zebras, giraffes and elephants in Etosha.

Day 12 – Etosha
You’re up early today, because you’re going on safari! You will drive through the park all day, hoping to see large groups of animals at the waterways. Especially the elephants, giraffes and kudu’s are happy to see the tourists. Special species are the Damara dikdik (a very small type of deer) and the black-faced impala (a deer with a black stripe between his eyes and nose). In the park you will also find 300 rhinos (varying per year), which is 10% of the total global population of rhinoceros.

Namibia with kids

Day 13 – Etosha to Waterberg
Waterberg is in fact an enormous red table mountain that is also a nature park. There are various waterfalls here, hence the name Waterberg meaning water mountain. The park includes buffalo, rhinoceros, giraffes and various deer species. There are also more than 200 different bird species, including the secretary bird.

Day 14 – Waterberg to Windhoek – end trip
Unfortunately, this Namibia family trip has come to an end! You will travel back to Windhoek, where you will hand in your car and return home.

Namibia with kids


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Namibia with kids

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