19 day tour
Individual Tour of Madagascar

  • Cruise the Pangalanes Canal
  • Jungle train ride
  • Overnight accommodations that support the local population

During this journey you will discover Madagascar slightly differently. Of course you will visit the highlights, but you will also visit the lesser known spots. So instead of taking a domestic flight, you will take the jungle train. You will stay in accommodations that support the local population, such as in Résidence Madalief.

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19 day tour of Madagascar:

Route: Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ambalavao – Isalo – Andringitra – Sahambavy – Manakara – Mananjary – Pangalanes Canal – Mahanoro – Andasibe – Antananarivo

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Day 1 – Arrival in Antananarivo
Upon arrival you will be taken to a wonderful hotel which has been developed in and around a traditional highland home.

Day 2 – Antsirabe
After a good night’s sleep and breakfast you will leave for a three to four hour ride in our SUV to Antsirabe. This sweet city is the capital of the pousse pousse, a brightly coloured riksja which is pulled by human power. Some historical colonial buildings make this town a pleasant place to stop on route to the south. You’ll spend two nights at the Résidence Madalief. This beautifully located guesthouse is part of a Dutch foundation that helps orphans and single mothers in Madagascar.

local Madagascar

Day 3 – Antsirabe
After breakfast you will go to a crater lake about twenty kilometres away. After you’ve explored it, you can hop on our bikes for a beautiful bike ride through the authentic hinterland. You won’t forget this tour soon because of the casual encounters with the rural residents who don’t mind posing in front of the lens of your camera. In the afternoon there is still sufficient time to visit Antsirabe.

Day 4 – to Ambalavao
You will continue your way over the National Route to Ambalavao. This place is wonderful to wander through. Check out a local project where they make decorative paper, you can also take a look in the kitchen. Today you will sleep in a very nice city hotel that is covered in bougainvillea.

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Day 5 – Isalo
On route to the Isalo National Park you will stop to visit the small park d’Anja, run by the local community. A short ride takes you to a colony of ring-tailed lemurs, perhaps the most famous of all lemurs. Once back on the main road, turn south towards Ranohira, the village at the gateway to the Isalo National Park. You’ll spend two nights in a nice hotel with a pool.

Day 6 – Isalo
Experts have agreed that Isalo is the most beautiful park of the south. Today you’ll have all day to explore this park with its waterfalls, natural pools and adventurous gorges, accompanied by a guide. In the middle of the jungle, you will get a barbecue lunch while ring-tailed lemurs and red head lemurs play in the bushes around you.

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Day 7 – to Andringitra / Tsaranoro Valley
Madagascar is divided into two by a high ridge. The midpoint of this is the Andringitra mountain range. The east of it is very green and wet under the influence of the Indian Ocean, the western side is dry and warm because of the winds coming from Africa. You’ll spend two nights in an incredibly beautiful situated camp on full board basis. The camp Tsarasoa supported the community of the Valley by sponsoring the clinic and the schools and un top of that they have been running a very successful reforestation program for a few years. From this point you can go hiking and walking.

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Day 8 – Andringitra / Tsaranoro Valley
Accompanied by a local guide you will go explore this mountain. There are easy, medium and experienced walks to choose form. The beautiful scenery is something you will not soon forget.

local Madagascar

Day 9 – to Sahambavy
A journey of about five hours takes you into Sahambavy. Amid the tea plantations you will find a beautiful hidden lake. You will stay in a house on stilts above the water. In the afternoon, you can do a tea plantation tour.

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Day 10 – to Manakara by jungle train
Sahambavy is the first station after Fianarantsoa on the jungle train to Manakara. After breakfast, go on board this unique train for a 10-hour ride through the rainforest.

Day 11 – Manakara
Today is dedicated to community tourism. Accompanied by a guide you will visit the fishing villages nearby, the markets, the old abandoned port from the colonial period, coconut and vanilla plantations and essential oils distilleries.

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Day 12 – to Mananjary
In a couple of hours you will drive in our SUV to the sister village of Manakara. You will stay in a beautiful lodge by the Pangalanes Canal and the Indian Ocean. In the afternoon, you can visit the fruit and spices plantations where the lodge is situated in.

Day 13 – boattrip Canal Pangalanes
The adventure begins. For the next three days, you will discover an area that is only accessible by boat. The Pangalanes are formed by a range of hundreds of kilometres long lakes, creeks and lagoons, which are interconnected by channels with each other. The first night you will sleep in a eco camp with permanent safari tents.

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Day 14 – boattrip Canal Pangalanes
In colonial times the water was used for transport, but now it is so overgrown, that only the small pirogues from local fishermen can still find their way. But our specially designed motor can also find its way. With its silent motor and extra deck the boat is perfect for the sight of this beautiful nature. Tonight you will stay at an ecolodge in the jungle.

Day 15 – to Mahanoro
After lunch you will be brought to the Mahanoro village. Here you will find your driver waiting with his car.

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Day 16 – Mahanoro to Andasibe
In five hours you will drive into Andasibe in the east of the country. The park located there, Andasibe – Mantadia (better known as Périnet), is the habitat of the largest of the lemurs, the Indri Indri. Tonight you will take an evening stroll where you have the chance to spot the nocturnal animals like the mouse lemur, the chameleon, gecko and frog. You’ll spend two nights in log cabins on the edge of the rainforest.

Day 17 – Andasibe
All morning you will walk through the park accompanied by a guide. You will probably see the Indri Indri, but you could also spot the bamboo lemurs, brown lemurs and the biggest chameleon of all: the Parson’s chameleon. After lunch you will drive to the Vakona domain where a shelter for lemurs is housed. Here you can photograph the previously spotted animals very well. You can see the brown lemur, the black-and-white ruffed lemur and also the dancing sifaka. On the same property you will find a former crocodile farm. In the lake there are still dozens of these prehistoric monsters.

Day 18 – Antananarivo
A four hour ride takes you back to the capital, where you will stay in the hotel that you were in the first day. In the afternoon, you can explore the city. There is a lot of activity on the Avenue de la Liberté and the markets around it.

Day 19 – Return home
Depending on your time of departure, spend the morning exploring Antananarivo. Check out of your hotel before heading to the airport and catching your flight home.

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