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Hello, my name is Frank, and I am your Madagascar travel expert. From 2000–2010, I worked as a tour guide just about everywhere on the vast African continent. Often my travels brought me to the big, red island of Madagascar. Since 2011 I now permanently live, work and travel on this beautiful island. From the central highlands, where the valleys are shaped like an amphitheatre thanks to the beautiful carved rice terraces, to the tropical beaches and nearby holiday islands; the wet rainforests with their specific maki- and chameleon species, to the dry semi-deserts dominated by spectacular sand granite or limestone cliffs; the baobab forests to the flower islands; from the highlights to the romote corners; but also the people and their cultures, the animals and the adventures. The possibilities are endless on the fourth largest island in the world. And it is all possible with me. I want to talk to you about all these gems, and design your ideal tailor-made trip. Tonga soa!

Besides the highlights, I also started to explore the remote corners of Madagascar, and it was not long after that I knew I did not want to leave!

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madagascar local expert

Mbola tsara! My name is Jolijn, and I work together with Frank as a local travel expert in Madagascar.

I first visited this stunning island in 1992, during a year of backpacking in Africa. As a tour guide and travel book author I explored many hidden corners of this vast continent, but something kept drawing me back to Madagascar. It’s a different kind of Africa here; or rather a small self-contained continent that resembles nothing else. The wondrous nature, intriguing culture, the extremely bright colours of the Highlands, and above all the always welcoming locals. I settled in the northwest of Madagascar in 2010, where I was in charge of a project focused on introducing ecotourism in and around a new national park. An enormous challenge, but I got to see so many distinct and unexplored regions come to life through tourism. It was really wonderful being part of this positive change! When tourism is done right, it can help protect nature while improving the lives of the locals. That’s why I really enjoy creating tailor-made travel proposals for Better Places travellers – its a win-win situation! I now live in Antsirabe, and can’t wait to hear from you.

There are so many possibilities in Madagascar: do you want to see the highlights, or go on an adventure is the lesser-known regions?

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