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Madagascar excursions

The Tsingy of Ankarana
Millions of years ago, the northwest side of the island was pushed up out of the sea. After years of being affected by the rain and wind, the limestone turned into a Karst formation. This sharp sea of ​​rocks is called Tsingy in the local language. You can spend multiple days exploring a natural cathedral located in a batcave or go explore the big Tsingy with a skilled guide.

Madagascar excursions

The activities at Nosy Be
Nosy Be is a flower island. It is also a holiday paradise where you can dine deliciously or just relax. A local guide will take you to the nearby Nosy Tanikely for a snorkel trip, where you will find yourself immersed in an aquarium. You could also visit Lokobé, a nature park on a peninsula of Nosy Be where you can spot the rare black lemur. And with some luck you will also come across the blowing boa snake.

Madagascar excursions

The Andasibe Park
The Andasibe park – Mantadia (better known as Périnet) is the habitat of the largest lemur: the Indri Indri. You can go for an evening walk, giving you the opportunity to spot active animals like the mouse lemur, chameleon, gecko and the tree frog. You could also go for a walk through the park accompanied by a guide. You will probably get to see the Indri Indri, but you will also get a chance to see the bamboo lemur, brown lemur and the biggest chameleons: the Parsons Chameleon.

Antsirabe countryside
Antsirabe is the main place of the Pousse pousse, a brightly coloured rickshaw drawn by human power. Some historic colonial buildings make this place a pleasant place to stop on the way to the south. You could visit a crater lake about twenty miles outside of Antsirabe or you can jump on a mountain bike to make a beautiful bike ride through the authentic hinterland. This trip will be extra special because of the casual encounters with the rural residents who don’t mind posing for your camera.

Madagascar excursions

The Andringitra Mountains and the Tsaranoro Valley
Madagascar is divided into two by a high mountain ridge. The centre of this is the Andringitra mountain range. The east side is very green and wet under the influence of the Indian Ocean, the west side is dry and hot because of the African winds. You can explore this mountain range with a local guide. There are easy, moderate and expert walks to choose from. Especially the beautiful views will stay with you for a very long time.

The Ranomafana Park
The Ranomafana park got worldwide fame in the 1980s when a new lemur species was discovered: the golden bamboo lemur. During a morning walk you could spot these and other lemurs in the park. Of course under the guidance of an experienced guide. In the afternoon you can enjoy a hot tub in the nearby spa.

Madagascar excursions

The Pangalanes Canal
The Pangalanes Canal is formed by hundreds of kilometres of lakes, creeks and lagoons that are connected by canals. In colonial times, the water was used for transportation, but nowadays there is so much overgrown that only the little ‘pirogues’ of local fishermen can find their way. Go for a boat ride over the Akanin’ny Nofy. That name means ‘dream place’, and that says enough. Explore the birds along the banks or visit a fishing village located on the narrow canal between the Canal and the Indian Ocean. Go for a walk (with a guide or by yourself) around this beautiful nature reserve, where you can meet dancing sifaka’s, Indri Indri’s and other lemurs.

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