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Hi, I am Suchie. I used to work as a freelancing copy editor/writer but I happily crossed over to the kaleidoscopic world of travel when I encountered my future husband, Jan. It was love at first sight, albeit with two subjects: my future husband and the mesmerising Himalayas. The first weeks of our acquaintance were spent trekking some of the harder trails in Kashmir and Ladakh. Later we moved to Bhutan and had a wonderful time exploring the country and interacting with the kind-hearted Bhutanese. At present, I oversee hotel bookings, I go regularly on accommodation checking tours, and if you come to our lodge in Shyok (Ladakh) you will definitely meet me there. When traveling myself, I find it exhilarating to go off the beaten track, take time to soak in the local color and to let the unexpected happen.

My experience helps me in piecing together unique and authentic travel experiences. Trust me, your trip with us will give you memories to last a lifetime.

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