The best time to visit Jordan is between March and May and in October/November

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best time to visit jordan

Jordan is a Middle-Eastern country, largely made up of a desert landscape. But it is also home to very fertile land along the banks of the Jordan River, the Gulf of Aqaba that connects the country to the Red Sea, and the famously salty Dead Sea in the north. Jordan, for the most part, lies on a plateau between 700 and 1200 metres above sea level. All these factors contribute to a very diverse climate; from semi-dry and continental, to entirely desert-like.

best time to visit jordan

Summers in Jordan last from June to September. This is a dry period in the entire country with temperatures averaging between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. Jordan’s winters are mild and slightly wetter, but with a maximum of 100 millimetres of rainfall this remains a fairly dry region. There is the possibility of snow and frost in the winter in the higher parts of the country.

For more specific information on temperature and rainfall in Jordan see here.

best time to visit jordan

Best time to visit Jordan

The best time to visit Jordan is between March and May or in October and November. If you travel in this period you will avoid the extreme heat of the summer and the cold of Jordan’s winters.

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