10 days
Jamaica With Kids

  • Stroll through the Pirates of the Caribbean town
  • Learn more about the life of Bob Marley
  • Lounge on James Bond beach

Jamaica is, due to its size, ideally suited for a 10 day family holiday. Your trip starts in Montego Bay and continues on to Ocho Rios for a couple of nights. From Ocho Rios, you can visit Nine Miles, the village where Bob Marley was born and buried. The next stop is Port Antonio, where you can admire the tropical rainforest while swimming in the Port Antonio waterfall basins. Continue your trop to Irish Town, home to a large variety of bird species. Visit one of Jamaica’s most famous nature sights – Treasure Beach, in the vicinity of Black River, and finish off your trip relaxing on the pearly white beaches of Negril.

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10 day tour of Jamaica:

Montego Bay – Ocho Rios – Robin’s Bay – Port Antonio – Irish Town – Kingston – Treasure Beach – Negril – Montego Bay

jamaica with kids

Day 1 – Arrival in Montego Bay
Upon arrival at Montego Bay Airport, walk over to Counter 15 – Caribic Vacations in the Arrival Hall. Pick up the necessary travel documents and vouchers and grab a bus to your accommodation in Ocho Rios.

Day 2 – Ocho Rios
Visit Nine Miles, the village where the icon of reggae Bob Marley was born. Let your Rastafarian guide show you Bob’s birthplace and his famous rock pillow where he rested his dreadlocked head while seeking inspiration. Enter the mausoleum where Bob is buried with his guitar and show your respect. Scenic winding roads take you to Fern Gully, a towering green tunnel of ferns and other plant life and into Ocho Rios. Admire the artists at the local Craft Market as you stroll around and eat a local Patty before you climb the famous Dunn’s River, one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. Enter the cool water on the beach and climb 180 meters up limestone tiers shaded by rainforest. Experience the real Rastafarian way of life at the Jamaica Rasta Yard where you can learn how to cook “Ital” food and/or wade through the river while you see the ruins of the old slave plantation around you in the jungle.

jamaica with kids

Day 3 – Ocho Rios to Port Antonio / Long Bay
Stop for your daily dose of vitamin at the family owned Sun Valley Plantation on the North Coast. Snack on the seasonal fruits, drink freshly squeezed juices and observe the Hummingbirds at play in the garden. Enjoy the panoramic views at Firefly, the former home of Noel Coward and visit one of the many local food shacks on the road side. Admire the harbour as you stroll around the centre of Port Antonio and explore the craft market with its colourful vendors. Explore the historical part of town by going up the hill to Titchfield where you will find rustic wooden houses and a beautiful old hotel. Spend time in Paradise more popularly known as Frenchman’s Cove, a secluded white sand beach surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Get your feet wet, surf the waves, chill and enjoy yourself right there on the beach.

Day 4 – Port Antonio
In the morning it is high time to de-stress while you go rafting on the Rio Grande. As your captain steers the bamboo raft downstream you can soak up the natural beauty with stunning views of the Blue Mountains, colourful flora & fauna and listen to the deafening silence. Try the lunch at the famous Boston Jerk Centre and step on board a boat to admire the beautiful coast line of Portland with its expensive houses and explore an uninhabited island. Jump into the crystal clear water of the world famous Blue Lagoon and feel like a movie star. Enjoy having a swim in the, sometimes rough, sea at Long Bay and wash of the dust or enjoy the tropical rainforest of the amazing Reach Falls as you swim in of the pools.

jamaica with kids

Day 5 – Port Antonio to Irish Town
Follow the winding road up from Buff Bay up and take in the impressive views of the mountains, home of the famous Blue Mountain Coffee. Visit the Charles Town Maroons and let them proudly show you their history through music and dance. Get the full cultural experience from this energetic group as you participate.Swing on a hanging bridge, go for a stroll, meet the people, get your caffeine fix at the local Coffee Shop, cool off in one of the many waterfalls and take amazing pictures. Don’t forget to stop at the breathtaking Holywell National Park, a tropical rainforest often covered in fog where spotting birds is one of the highlights of the day. This park has recently been named UNESCO World Heritage Site.

jamaica with kids

Day 6 – Irish Town
A visit to Craighton Coffee Estate, a 200 year old coffee plantation is advisable. The Great House, the walk through the coffee plantation, the panoramic views and the tasting of the famous coffee is all well worth it. Another old coffee estate in the area has been changed into the Colonial Hotel Strawberry Hill and is famous for its High Tea in the afternoon (appointment only). The current owner is Chris Blackwell, the former producer of Bob Marley. The view from the infinity pool is amazing.

Day 7 – Irish Town to Treasure Beach
Stroll through Kingston’s National Heroes Park, take a selfie with Bob Marley and walk in his footsteps at the Museum. Be amazed by the view of the city from Beverly Hills and visit the beautiful grounds of Devon House where you have to try the delicious I-Scream! Get a taste of the Pirates of the Caribbean as you walk through Port Royal. Watch as the fishing boats bring in their catch of the day and enjoy the breath taking view of Kingston with the mountains in the background. Become a part of history as you visit Fort Charles and feel dizzy in the Giddy House. Appreciate a scenic drive along the South Coast and stop at one of the colourful fruit shops along the way to Mandeville. Visit the Seafood Restaurant called „Little Ochie“ in Alligator Pond, enjoy some of the favorite dishes as your taste buds are on holiday as well, so make sure you spoil them. Be moved by the Legend of the 2 slaves at Lover’s Leap and drive through the vegetable garden of Jamaica on your way to Treasure Beach.

Day 8 – Treasure Beach
Discover the beauty of the scenic South Coast where your first stop can be the YS Falls, one of Jamaica’s finest natural attractions. Go for a swim in one of the cool pools, swing on a rope like Tarzan and make a splash. Relax in this unspoilt tropical paradise and watch the Hummingbirds frolic. Become a photographer at Bamboo Avenue, a road lined with giant bamboo plants that form a natural tunnel. Go on safari in the protected wetlands of Black River and meet our friendly crocodiles during a boat ride. In and around the mangroves and the wetland you can spot a variety of birds like Egrets, Pelicans and maybe even the Fish eagle. Taste the real Jamaica by sampling a variety of culinary treats at local food stalls during your tour along the South Coast. Step on board for a thrilling boat ride to a rustic wooden bar built on a sand bank a half mile out to sea. At the Pelican Bar you can go for a swim, soak up the sun, sip on a drink and be busy doing absolutely nothing while pelicans and hopefully some dolphins are watching you. You’re at the best beach bar on earth!

jamaica with kids

Day 9 – Treasure Beach to Negril
In Whitehouse the catch of the night is being sold at the fish market and Escovith Fish & Bammy is a local favorite. The recepy dates back to the original inhabitants and is a „must“. Pay a visit to the mausoleum of Peter Tosh in Belmont and have a chat with his family. In the Ferris area there is a chance to cool off in Abeokuta, an 18th century swimming pool that gets its water from an aquaduct of the nearby Sweet River. Get ready for a river walk in the jungle of the Mayfield Falls. Wade through the river and natural pools in an unbelievable tropical surrounding.

Day 10 – Negril
Enjoy the white beach, one of the most beautiful one’s in Jamaica, go for a swim, go snorkeling or just relax in your beach chair. At Rick’s Cafe you can encourage the cliff divers during sunset with the old Light House in the background.

Day 11 – Negril to Montego Bay
Drive to the Airport in Montego Bay and drop off the rental car before your flight back home.

jamaica with kids


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