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Hi there, I’m Emile, your Indonesia specialist. After finishing my studies in human geography in 1991, I moved to Indonesia as a tour guide. Over the years I have had the pleasure of introducing many people to this beautiful country. I have lived in Indonesia for a long time and I’m well familiar with the land, language and culture. Nowadays I focus on designing tailor-made trips, and I look forward to helping you put together your ideal travel experience.

One of my personal interests is the colonial heritage in Indonesia; I often publish articles and give lectures on this topic. In 2011 I published the guide “Historic city walks Indonesia”, where you can find details about various trails through several Indonesian cities. It is the diversity of nature and culture that makes a trip to Indonesia so special and unique. If you planning a trip to Indonesia, then I will truly enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for this implausibly diverse country with you!

Indonesia is so vast, you’re never done exploring!

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