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Are you taking a trip to India? Then you can add various special India excursions to your trip. Below is a description of some of the India excursions you can enjoy, but there are many more possibilities! For more information, please contact our local travel specialist, Mohammad.

india excursions

Delhi – By bike through the narrow streets of Old Delhi
In the narrow streets of Old Delhi everything is mixed up: pedestrians, honking cars, scooters, ox carts and tuk tuks. Moving through this chaos by bike does not seem the most logical way, but there is no nicer way to discover the old city. You cycle with a small group, and a guide in front and in the back of the group lead you through the busy traffic. The bike ride takes you to different neighbourhoods of the city that differ considerably from each other. You’ll make a number of nice stops and discover places that you yourself would have never visited. You end your tour with an Indian breakfast in a famous local restaurant.

Jaipur – Cycle rickshaw ride
Take an interesting cycle rickshaw ride through the crowded bazaars of Old Jaipur town and witness a different world full of bustling shoppers and sellers. Enjoy a cup of Chai (tea) at a local tea vendor.

Jaipur – Cooking demonstration and dinner with an Indian family
Spend the evening with an Indian family. This is a fun opportunity to interact with the family members followed by a cooking demonstration and dinner. Chat with the family, discuss the history of the Rajasthan royals, how they have evolved over the centuries and their relations with Mughals and British, the society and life of locals in Rajasthan and of course the current socio-political scenario of India. The ladies in the family will share with you some of the best kept secrets of traditional Rajasthani cuisine like Laal Maans and Bati Choorma. End the evening relishing the home cooked dinner with the family.

Nimaj – Bullock cart ride
“Gadaria Lohars” are once nomadic people who travelled only on bullock carts with a vow not to construct permanent housing or own land. Their livelihood depends on making and selling farm implements. With modernization taking place, they struggle to diversify. They take you on their bullock cart to show their village life and their daily life.

india excursions

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve – Visit the Dastkar NGO
Dastkar Ranthambore initiated a rural development and income-generation programme in the villages around the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, with a special focus on women. They focussed on reviving crafts and establishing craftgroups with unique identities to bring back the lost arts and crafts of the region. The Dastkari Kendra also encourages and helps the local artisans to improve their skills, so they are able to make better products that have a wider appeal. Besides economic empowerment, the Kendra is also a catalyst for social development and helps women with legal aid, health, family planning, gender, group building, management and accounting.

Jaipur – Learn the secrets of Rajasthan cuisine
Every region in India has its own traditional cuisine. In Jaipur you can attend a cooking workshop with Payal, an enthusiastic cook and food blogger. You buy the ingredients together in the markets of Jaipur and prepare the traditional dishes according to the old recipes of Payal’s family. You will get plenty of practical tips, so you can also put the best Indian dishes on the table at home.

Jodhpur – Jeep Safari to Bishnoi villages
In an open jeep you’ll visit some villages which are home to the Bishnoi tribe. You’ll visit some local families to understand their traditional way of life, which revolves around domestic animals like goats, sheep and camels as well as wild animals in their natural habitats. The Bishnois are considered to be the first environmentalists of India – they are born nature lovers. For them conservation is part of their faith and daily life. Among other things, you will visit the local potter, blacksmith and goldsmith.

Agra – Visit the Sheroes Hangout
An excursion is not exactly the right name for a visit to the Sheroes Hangout in Agra, but we do not want to leave this special restaurant unexposed. Sheroes Hangout is founded by women who have been victims of acid attacks, something that unfortunately still happens regularly in India. The victims are always women and the perpetrators always men, often involving something as trivial as a rejection of advances. Because of the attack the women get mutilated and are often rejected by their families. The Sheroes Hangout gives them new opportunities. By working here, the women build up new self-esteem and find new meaning in life.

Rishikesh – Optional: Yoga session
You can opt for an early morning special yoga session with an expert on the banks of the holy Ganga. The ideal serene environment to learn this ancient art of life. Understand the essence of yoga in terms of its discipline, breath control and meditation, which combined with specific body postures bring about good health and relaxation.

Delhi – Evening visit Ghungroo for cultural show & open barbecue dinner
Ghungroo is a dance drama that narrates the story of Delhi through the pages of history. Starting from the first documented ruler of Delhi, Prithwi Raj Chauhan, tracing the journey of Bhakti Movement through Sufism, followed by a stylised form of Kathak for the Mughal Courts, ending with Bollywood, it showcases the history and spirit of Delhi, through dance, all in an hour’s time. The seating is traditional to give you the feel of a bygone era. The performance is followed by an authentic Indian barbecue dinner at Angare, an open air barbecue restaurant that presents Indian gastronomy in its purest form.

india excursions

Different cities in India – Enjoy authentic, homemade Indian food with Authenticook
Authenticook offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy a homemade Indian meal with a local family. A great way to taste delicious, homemade Indian dishes and get in touch with the locals.


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