15 day tour
Cuba Family trip

  • Discover the tobacco fields
  • Culture meets beach
  • Stay in casas particulares

During this 15-day family tour of Cuba, you will travel over the central and western part of the island. Your transportation will consist of private taxis that will conveniently bring you from one destination to the next. A local guide will show you the diversity of the capital Havana, not only the beautifully restored neighbourhoods, but also the areas where daily Cuban life is happening. Next, you’ll travel to the Cuban countryside in Viñales, where the tobacco fields lie in between the rugged hills. After spending some time on the beach in Playa Giron you will travel to the colonial Trinidad. Listen to live music everywhere you go and you discover many old colonial-era buildings. You will end your trip at the beach in Varadero, with plenty of time to soak up all the impressions of your family tour of Cuba.

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 15 day family tour of Cuba:

Varadero/Havana – Viñales – Playa Larga – Trinidad – Varadero

cuba with kids

Day 1 – Arrival in Varadero/Havana – To Havana
After arriving at the airport in Varadero you will be picked up by a driver and taken to your casa particular in Havana. You will be welcomed at the casa particular by the owner or sometimes by someone who helps in the casa. Get a feel for Havana while sitting on a terrace in the city, surrounded  by decaying colonial buildings and classic cars.

Day 2 – Havana – city ​​walk with local guide
Today you will visit the most beautiful and interesting places of Havana accompanied by a local guide. Walk over the famous Malecón seafront with its pastel-coloured facades on your wayto the centre of town. You will walk through the old colonial centre Habana Vieja and  experience the daily life of Cubans. In the evening you can visit one of the many music cafes in the city.

cuba with kids

Day 3 – Havana
You still have plenty of time to explore the rest of this impressive and charming city. You can visit the Partagas cigar factory, where the famous Cuban cigars are rolled by hand. Or simply wander through the bustling streets where dominoes are being played and where they are endlessly tinkering with the old American cars.

Day 4 – Havana to Viñales
When you think of Cuba, you’re sure to think of cigars. The best tobacco for Cuban cigars comes from the Pinar del Rio province, west of Havana. In this rugged and hilly landscape lies the village of Viñales with its brightly colored houses. Viñales has a relaxed atmosphere and everything is within walking distance. Enjoy the landscape while traveling.

cuba with kids

Day 5 – Viñales: tobacco fields
Today you will tour the tobacco fields in the area.  Accompanied by a local guide you can choose to walk or a go horseback riding over the narrow winding paths along the fields. Tobacco is grown here in the months of October to March. In the ‘casas de tabaco’, the barns with sloping palm roofs, you can see the tobacco leaves hanging to dry.

Day 6 – Viñales
Spend the day exploring the city. Pay a visit to nearby Palma Rubia, and get on a boat to the Cayo Levisa island. On this stunning island with its white sand and crystal clear water you can relax for a day or go experience the underwater world while snorkelling or diving. Tomorrow you will travel to the next destination of your family tour of Cuba: Playa Girón.

cuba with kids

Day 7 – Viñales to Playa Girón
Trade the green valleys of Viñales for the beaches of Playa Girón. Playa Girón is  popular place with both local and international tourists. The palm trees continue all the way up to the sea and give the beach its very unique ‘look’. . Besides diving, you can also take boat trips and do water sports activities.

Day 8 – Playa Girón
Explore the world famous Bay of Pigs, which is part of Playa Girón. This bay has the best beaches that the Caribbean coast can offer. The underwater world with its colourful coral reef is definetly worth the trip. You can also visit the Museo Girón at Playa Girón. This museum is dedicated to the invasion of Bay of Pigs in 1961 and has two rooms full of artefacts and photographs of the invasion.

cuba with kids

Day 9 – Playa Girón to Trinidad
Today you will travel to Trinidad, one of the oldest cities of Cuba. The old part of the city is like an open air museum: pastel coloured colonial houses with green patios and high wooden doors and windows, protected by charming wrought iron work. Watch ponies and donkeys pulling carts and carriages through the cobbled streets, and round off the evening in one of the city’s great restaurants listening to live music.

Day 10 – Trinidad – trip by Bici taxi
Go on a bike ride through the city in a so-called Bici taxi. Drive through the lively suburbs, past schools, tobacco and cigar factories and ceramics workshops. This alternative route through Trinidad is a nice addition to the well-known attractions and gives a more complete picture of Cuban life in this charming city. Don’t miss it during your family tour of Cuba.

cuba with kids

Day 11 – Trinidad
Yet another day to discover Trinidad and the surrounding area. Wander through the cobbled streets of the city strolling along markets and galleries, or visit the Museo Romántico-an old, family house from the time of the sugar trade. The museum gives a good impression of the wealth of the sugar barons from that era.

Day 12 – Trinidad to Varadero
Leave Trinidad behind and travel to the final destination of this trip: Varadero. Stay in an all-inclusive hotel and take time to soak up all the experiences of this trip before traveling back home.

cuba with kids

Day 13 & 14 – Varadero
Varadero is one of the more popular beach destinations of Cuba, mainly because of its the white sandy beach and the calm water. There are dozens of different species of coral and fish and other aquatic creatures to be found here Besides relaxing on the beach you could also go diving or snorkelling.

Day 15 – Return home
It’s time to say goodbye to Cuba. Today you will travel back home, where you will step back into the present.

cuba with kids


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