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Hola, my name is Julio, and I am your Cuba travel expert. I  was born and raised in Cuba and Trinidad is my hometown. I now live mostly in the Netherlands but I regularly go back to my homeland. I am proud of all the highlights of my Cuba: the bounty beaches, the atmospheric music, the cheerful and very hospitable people and the preserved colonial cities. There is something for everyone: unspoilt countryside, vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, and much more. I am here to help you find the perfect balance between the Highlights – what you really should not miss – and the impressions you want to gain. When I’m not in Cuba, your local contact will be Yunior or Maikel. Maikel lives in Viñales and I have regular contact with him. Together with the representatives in Havana, they ensure that the trip goes well. We have a large network of casas and guides for local excursions in Cuba. By staying in small Bed & Breakfasts, the locals benefit from your visit. The special features of our casas are the atmosphere, the location and the people. We set high standards and only work with the best casas. You have plenty of privacy as each room has its own toilet / shower, an air conditioning and a patio. The owners will give you all sorts of tips for exploring the area. I think the most beautiful way to travel is by visiting those places that the locals go to themselves.

“I am proud of my country, the beautiful nature and especially the people! By traveling with me to Cuba, you can help the local economy. I believe this is the most authentic way to travel, a trip organized and carried out by us Cubans!

Monique, travel expert Cuba

My name is Monique and I help Julio with the travel requests. After finishing my studies in tourism and following a Spanish language course in Latin America, I became more and more interested in this fascinating continent. I decided to go back to university and enrolled full-time in the study of the The Languages and Culture of Latin America. I continued to work in the travel industry throughout my studies and was fortunate enough to travel extensively through Latin America. I travelled the length of Cuba (west to east) by bus and stayed in casas particulares along the way. I love drawing on my own experiences to advise future Cuba-travellers and consulting with our local expert Julio on the best tips.

Jacqueline, travel expert Cuba

My name is Jacqueline, and together with Monique I support Julio in designing your ideal travel experience in Cuba. Just like Monique, I studied the Languages and Cultures of Latin America and travelled extensively in the region. I found Cuba to be a colourful, authentic and warm (the people as much as the climate) country, and have great memories of the unique music, culture and beautiful Caribbean nature. I know Cuba well and together with Julio I look forward to designing your ideal trip, where we focus especially on contact with locals.

Yunior, your contact person in Cuba

Yunior is your local guide in Cuba. He is 31, lives in Trinidad, and is a father. He’s often the guide for the cycle-taxi tour we offer in Trinidad, but is most of all your local point of contact on Cuba. He’ll be the one you get in touch with should anything go wrong during your trip.
Jacqueline visited Yunior and his baby during her last trip to Cuba. Yunior had this to say about his job: “I always have a mobile phone on me, wherever I go. If a traveller calls or sends an SMS, I respond immediately. Sometimes they call to let me know they’ll be arriving a little later (I pass this on to the casa), and sometimes they have questions about an excursions they’ve booked. All questions are welcomed! If there’s a problem, I get in touch with the owners of the casas directly or I can always point you in the right direction to find a solution for the problem. I always answer in English and I aim to help every client as best as I can.”

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