15 day tour
Road Trip Cuba

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  • Travel at your own pace over the island by rental car
  •  Relax on pristine white beaches
  •  Stay in casas particulares

During this 15-day Road trip in Cuba you will drive across the island at a relaxed pace by rental car. You will begin your journey in Havana, filled with colonial architecture. After that you will visit the centre of the cigar industry, Viñales. You’ll continue your roadtrip Cuba to Cienfuegos and colonial Trinidad. Your next stop is the little counryside town of Remedios, where it looks like time stood still. You end your Cuba trip in a relaxing way on the beaches of Varadero. During your roadtrip Cuba you will sleep in cosy family-run bed and breakfasts, called ‘casas particulares’.

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 15 day tour Road trip Cuba :

Havana – Viñales – Cienfuegos– Trinidad – Remedios – Varadero

road trip cuba

Day 1 – Arrival in Havana
After arriving on the airport in Havana you will be picked up by a driver who will bring you to your accommodation. You have the rest of the day to recover from your flight and to enjoy your first (and second 😉 ) mojito.

road trip cuba

Day 2 – Havana
Go on an hour-long tour through the city in a vintage car. Walk with a local guide through the most beautiful and interesting places of Havana. The old town is a marvel of colonial architecture. Street after street is filled with charming old buildings. Squares are graced by palm trees and terraces, incense is burning in colonial churches, the cafés have live trumpet music playing and rum is poured everywhere.

Day 3 – Havana
Today you could pay a visit to the old Spanish fort, Plaza de la Revolución and the Capitolio. You could also go for a bike ride or take a salsa class! Have you not been in the bar of Ernest Hemingway yet? Then go drink a Cuban mojito at La Floridita. You could also take an optional excursion and explore the city in a classic American Oldtimer.

Day 4 – Havana to Viñales
Today you will travel in your own car to Viñales, the centre of Cuba’s famed cigar industry. A short drive through the beautiful landscapes of the Piñar del Rio province will take you to Soroa, located in the beautiful Sierra del Rosario mountain range. You can also make a stopover in Las Terrazas, a protected nature reserve. Viñales is located in a green valley where numerous limestone rocks (‘mojotes’) complete the karstic character of the landscape.

road trip cuba

Day 5 – Viñales
Viñales is a small town where you will find a lot of wooden houses with porches. Today you will walk along the tobacco fields accompanied by a local guide. Tobacco is grown here in the months of October to March. In the ‘casas de tabaco’, the barns with sloping palm roofs, you can see the tobacco leaves hanging to dry.

Day 6 – Viñales to Cienfuegos
Today you travel from Viñales to Cienfuegos, a journey that takes about 6 hours. Cienfuegos is a city that was once founded by French settlers. Take a walk along the historic buildings in the central square, or over the boulevard along the tropical bay, where it is especially bustling in the evenings.

road trip cuba

Day 7 – Cienfuegos to Trinidad
Today you will travel to Trinidad, one of the oldest cities of Cuba. The old part of the city is like an open air museum: pastel coloured colonial houses with green patios and high wooden doors and windows, protected with lovely ironwork. Ponies and donkeys pulling carts and carriages drive through the cobbled streets, and in the evening you can eat in cozy restaurants and listen to live music.

Day 8 – Trinidad
Today you will do a bike ride through the city in a so-called Bici taxi. You drive through the lively suburbs, past schools, tobacco and cigar factories and ceramics workshops. This alternative route through Trinidad is a nice addition to the well-known attractions and gives a more complete picture of Cuban life in this charming city, and is certainly not to be missed during a tour of Cuba.

road trip cuba

Day 9 – Trinidad 
Yet another day to discover Trinidad and the surrounding area. Wander through the cobbled streets of Trinidad along markets and galleries or visit the Museo Romántico, an old house that was owned by a family made wealthy by the sugar trade. The museum gives a good impression of the wealth of the sugar barons of that era.

Day 10 – Trinidad to Remedios
Remedios is one of the most beautiful colonial places of Cuba. It is a cosy and charming town where you can wander through or just sit at the central square to see the everyday life pass you by. You will stay in a colonial-style casa particular .

Day 11 – Remedios
It might seem as if you’ve arrived in a different century once you set footin the rural town of Remedios. Stroll at your own pace through the narrow streets and next to the colourful colonial houses. Another must is a visit to Cayo Santa María, the largest island of the Cuban archipelago with white sandy beaches. In the summer months you can visit Rancho el Querete in the nature reserve Yaguajay.

Day 12 – Remedios to Varadero, by way of Santa Clara 
Today you’ll travel to the beach of Varadero by way of Santa Clara. In 1958 in Santa Clara, Ché Guevara defeated Batista’s army. On the outskirts of the city you will find the statue commemorating Ché. You can also find the mausoleum and a museum which is fully dedicated Ché Guevara’s life.

road trip cuba

Day 13 – Varadero 
Varadero is part of a peninsula, and the 21 km long beach of fine white sand is the ideal vacation spot for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts. There is a cool, tropical breeze providing relief from the heat. Your casa particular is just 100-200 meters walking distance from the beach.

Day 14 – Varadero
Another day of relaxing on the beach. You can also visit a number of attractions nearby. The Cuevas de Saturno cave is the perfect spot for swimming, diving or snorkeling. We also recommend a visit to Parque Josone; an open, green oasis in the middle of the thin peninsula. The park has several shady spots, cosy eateries and more.

Day 15 – Return home
Your road trip through Cuba unfortunately comes to an end today. Enjoy a bit more of the 50s decor before heading back home, richer for the experience and memories.

road trip cuba


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Road Trip Cuba

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Road Trip Cuba
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Road Trip Cuba
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Excluding International flights or internal flights, car insurance, additional rental car, other meals, entrance fees, optional guided tours/excursions, personal expenses, service fee
Accommodation Cuba A double room in casas particulares
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