Colombia has a great deal to offer in terms of culture, nature and a diverse range of activities. Karol, our local travel expert in Colombia, knows the ins and outs of the country and can help you design your ideal trip to this beautiful place.

More about Karol

My name is Karol and I was born in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. After finishing high school, I moved to Germany and worked as an au-pair with a German family for a year, as I learned the local language and culture. I then decided to study Tourism Management and spent some time travelling around Europe. Through these trips and coming in contact with other tourists, I learned about the things travellers look for and want to experience.

After almost 13 years in Germany and with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field of Sustainable Tourism Management, I returned to my native Colombia. This new phase of life took me back to my roots in Bogotá, a vibrant city that offers a great variety of culture, gastronomy and leisure. I’d love to recommend the best destinations in my country so that you can experience a unique and unforgettable adventure here in Colombia, my homeland. I’m looking forward to welcoming you!

Colombians are certainly the biggest highlight of the country. The radiating smiles on their faces sweeten the soul. You instantly feel welcome.

Want to know more about Colombia? Read all about Karol’s many insider tips and travel suggestions.

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