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Bhutan excursions

Are you going to Bhutan for your holiday? Then you can add several special Bhutan excursions to your trip. Below is a description of some excursions. Many are part of a standard tour, while others can be arranged on special request. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact Suchie, our local travel expert for Bhutan.

bhutan excursions

Participation in Archery session

Archery is a national game of Bhutan. You will see archers playing with both traditional bamboo bow and imported compound bow. The shooting range has two targets placed at 120m apart. That is 50% further than the international standard! At the archery field everyone is dressed in traditional style. Every bullseye hit is celebrated with a short, comical dance that is based on the mating dance of the black-necked cranes, the national bird of Bhutan. Want to see how far you can shoot with your archery skills? Find out with this excursion as you play together with the locals.

bhutan excursions

Cooking class in the countryside of Bhutan

The Bhutanese are fond of spicy food and chilies might not be lacking in any dish. They use chili peppers as a vegetable rather than as a spice. The national dish is ema datsi, green chili in a cheese sauce. Do you want to get to know the Bhutanese cuisine? Then follow a traditional cooking workshop in a village where your local host teaches you the culinary secrets of Bhutan.

bhutan excursions

Traditional hot stone bath at a farm house

One of the Bhutanese traditions is to bathe in a traditional hot stone bath. Large stones are heated in a fire for hours. They are laid in a kind of casket of water and herbs, which makes the water very hot. The Bhutanese believe that a hot stone bath is healing. You can try this special experience yourself.

bhutan excursions

Visit to the School of Arts and Crafts

We recommend a visit to the Chuzom Zorig School in Thimphu. Here, thirteen traditional arts and crafts of Buddhism are taught. This school, funded by the Bhutanese government, enables Bhutan to maintain, restore and even newly construct their gompas, temples and dzongs with the same level of craftsmanship that was available centuries ago. Graduated students of this art academy construct and restore temples, Buddha statues annd murals in Bhutan as well as in Sikkim and Nepal.

Get to know local herbal medicines

The ancient traditional and religious methods of healing are still used for treating patients. You can visit an institute where these traditional medicines are made.

bhutan excursions

Traditional weave centre

You immediately notice it when you land in Bhutan: the beautiful clothes of the locals, made of fabrics with rich colours and patterns. Do you want to know more about weaving techniques in Bhutan? Visit a weaver in Thimphu or Bumthang and see how the fabrics are made. Also recommended: the new Textile Museum in Thimphu.

Rafting in Bhutan

Not only does Bhutan have plenty of special cultural attractions, it is also beautiful in nature. You can take scenic walks in Bhutan, or go for more adventurous possibilities. For example, go rafting on the Punakha River. The trip only takes 45 minutes, but it is a spectacular experience.

bhutan excursions

Mountain biking in Bhutan

Do you love mountain biking? Then you’ve come to the right place in Bhutan. You can rent mountain bikes in various places, such as Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Bumthang. Bhutan has paved and dirt roads and it is wonderfully quiet here. Perfect for a beautiful mountain bike ride!

bhutan excursions

Cultural programme

If you want to see even more of the unique Bhutanese culture, a cultural evening is a must. During a delicious dinner with local dishes, traditional and religious dances are performed by dancers in authentic costumes. It is interesting to learn more about the spiritual and cultural meaning of each dance.

bhutan excursions

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