The best time to visit Tanzania is June to September

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The tropical savanna climate is most typical for Tanzania. This means that the temperature throughout the year is high. This can be mainly explained by its location; Tanzania lies basically on the equator. There is usually at least one dry and one rainy period, but in the east you will find two of each.

Tanzania best time

The rainy season in western and central Tanzania begins between late October and early December and continues until mid-April. In the east of Tanzania, there are two rainy seasons: a short rainy season in November and December and a long rainy season, which lasts from March until mid-May. Although in theory it is possible that a hurricane passes Tanzania, this rarely happens. It’s then more of a tropical storm than a hurricane.

Best travel Tanzania

Because Tanzania is practically on the equator, the country is warm throughout the year. The best time to visit Tanzania is from June to September. The temperatures are not too hot and the rainy season is over.

Tanzania best time
Tanzania best time for wildlife watching

Tanzania is especially known for the Serengeti, a huge area where large numbers of animals migrate annually. The best time to visit Tanzania to experience the migration is from December until  March. It is also the most dry period, so there are often many animals that come to drink water at the same time in the so-called ‘water holes’. Please note: animals behaviour stays partly unpredictable, and therefore the migration is too!

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