The best time to visit India is between October and March

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In general, the period between October and March is the best travel time in India. However, as India is a huge country, there can be differences in the climate in the various regions.

From April onwards it gets very hot in India. However, for the villages in the Himalayan region, it is also pleasant to travel between April and June, as the climate gets more agreeable as soon as you get to a higher altitude.

Between July and September it is rainy season in India, with most of the rain falling in July. The high parts of the Himalaya that are in the so-called rain-shadow like Ladakh (Trans Himalaya) are ideal to visit in these months, as it gets less cold. Rajasthan also doesn’t suffer too much from the monsoons, because of its desert climate.

best time to visit india

Wildlife spotting
For spotting wild animals, the period from February till June is best. In May and June it can get very hot, however, with temperatures that can reach up to 43 degrees celcius. Most national and wildlife parks are closed between July and early/mid-October. From mid-October all game parks will open again, although the visibility will be limited by dense vegetation and high grass.

best time to visit india

Best travel time to India
In general, the period between October and March is the best travel time in India. In this period it is pleasant and sunny. The temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees in the North and between 25 and 32 degrees in the South. During the winter months it can cool much more at night.


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