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Buenas tardes! My name is Gwendeline, and I am your local travel expert in Argentina. After various travels to different countries and continents, I arrived in Argentina in 2004 — initially for a three-month stay. But I felt such a strong ‘click’ with the country and its people in those three months that I just couldn’t adjust to life back in the Netherlands. I packed my bags again and moved to Argentina permanently. I completely immersed myself in local customs and culture. Dancing tango and folklore, hours of drinking mate with friends, spending time at big asados (BBQ parties) and traveling 1800 km in a cramped old car on a single tank of gas; these are just some of my experiences in this country.

In order to get to know Argentina better, I enrolled in a local tourism programme and trained as a guide. The study of the complex history and geopolitical context helped me to better understand the Argentine people and their customs. With my travel experiences, study and knowledge of the country, I decided to enter the world of tourism and opened my own travel agency. It’s always exciting making sure each traveller’s experience is unique and ideally suited to their wishes. Seeing all the highlights or staying off the beaten path, centrally-located hotels or hidden estancias in breath-taking places; anything is possible!

I look forward to personally welcoming you in Buenos Aires, and sharing my passion for this country with you!

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