About us

We’re Saskia Griep and Freek ten Broeke, the founders of Better Places (NL), Fairaway (DE) and Better Places Travel (international). For years we worked in the tourism industry and travelled the globe, coming to the conclusion that:

Travel can make the world more beautiful;
for travellers and for the local population.

That’s why we started Better Places –  in the Netherlands in 2014. Since then we have expanded into Germany in 2016 (as Fairaway), and internationally in 2017 as Better Places Travel. We did this because we want tourism to mean something: for you, and for the local people. For you, because your journey is an unforgettable experience, and for the local people, because your visit offers them a direct source of income.

We want to boost the positive impact of tourism; ensuring that Better Places to travel remain good places to live.

That is responsible travel. And that is our passion.


We believe in

Local & Sustainable

The usual is EXCEPTIONAL

We want you—the traveller—to get to know your destination of choice. To come in contact with locals and really experience daily life in a place.
For what is commonplace in one country, is often extraordinary to us.
That’s why we put you directly in contact with a selected local expert, and together you design your ideal travel experience.


Shared experience

Local travel professionals can find it difficult to compete with major tour operators, even though the type of travel they offer meets a demand for local, authentic travel experiences. We want to give these local professionals a chance to grow, to share their knowledge and to ensure that you—the enthusiastic traveller—gain new & extraordinary travel experiences.

Aside from a focus on local, we also ensure that all our partners work as sustainably as possible. We are determined to make a difference and get closer to a 100 % sustainable travel industry.

Individual travel

Better Places Travel consciously focuses on individual, unique, tailor-made travel experiences. We believe individual travel is ideally suited to bring you—the traveller—directly in contact with the local population. You can spend the night in small-scale family hotels, lodges, or even in people’s homes (homestays). Individual travel means there is plenty of room for personal attention, and we can focus on making your travel experience truly extraordinary.

Our destinations

Argentina | Bhutan | Chile | Colombia | Cuba | Costa Rica | EcuadorIndia | Indonesia | Jamaica | Jordan | Ladakh | Madagascar | Namibia | Nepal | Nicaragua | Peru | South Africa | Sri Lanka | Suriname | Tanzania | Vietnam |

Coming soon

Mexico | Laos | Cambodia | China | Guatemala | Mongolia | Thailand | Georgia


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