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We believe that travel can make the world a better place. But we can’t do it alone! By committing to one (or more, or all!) of these 6 pledges you can make sure your trip contributes to a positive impact of tourism.

We also believe strength is in numbers and we want as many of you as possible commit to a sustainable travel experience through one of our pledges. After signing up, we will provide you with concrete tips and exclusive discounts to products that can help you reach your goal. Interested in a sneak peek? Take a look here.

The 6 Pledges

Travel single-use plastic free

“I pledge to use as little single-use plastic as possible during my trip”
Staying hydrated is important. You can easily go through at least 2 single-use plastic bottles of water a day when travelling. That adds up to more than 40 bottles during a 3-week trip. Did you know that more than half of all plastic bottles worldwide end up in the ocean or out in nature, rather than being recycled? Something needs to change!
If all Better Places’ travellers drink tap water where possible, use water filtration devices or (free) refill station to refill their reusable bottles, we can save more than 200.000 plastic bottles per year. Join us!

5 reasons to make this pledge

  1. Cost saving
  2. Less plastic in nature
  3. Preventing animal suffering (especially for birds and underwater creatures)
  4. Setting a good example
  5. Getting to enjoy clean beaches

Reduce your CO2 emissions

“I pledge to reduce the CO2 emissions of my trip as much as possible”

Did you know that an 18-day tour of Thailand will set you back a little over 2.5 tons of CO2 per person? To put it in perspective, that is equivalent to (not) showering for 12 years! Make sure to reduce your CO2 emissions when travelling, rather than focusing on offsetting alone (which we already do for you). Did you know you can sometimes cut your emissions in half just by choosing a direct flight? Join us!


5 reasons to make this pledge

  1. Direct flights are more comfortable
  2. Using public transport is more adventurous
  3. You reduce your personal impact on the environment
  4. Travel for longer, and experience more
  5. Contribute to a reduction in air pollution

Support and respect the locals

“I pledge to buy goods and services with small-scale local business as much as possible during my travels, and to always be respectful towards the locals”

Did you know that only $5 of every $100 dollars spent while travelling reaches the local population? On top of that, more and more cultures and traditions are under pressure from the arrival of tourism. Something needs to change!
By making use of small scale hotels and locally run activities, buying locally made souvenirs and eating in local restaurants, you can have an authentic and unforgettable travel experience while at the same time giving back to the people who made your trip so special. After all, the best way to foster understanding and fight prejudice is to get to know each other. Join in!


5 reasons to make this pledge

  1. Get to know the locals
  2. Find out more about local culture and customs
  3. Travel off the beaten track
  4. Contribute to a better life for the locals
  5. Open yourself up to unexpected encounters

Eat vegetarian when travelling

“I pledge to avoid eating meat when travelling” Did you know that 15.000 litres of water and 25 kilos of cattle feed is necessary to produce just one 1kg of beef? That makes meat not only an enormous water guzzler, but the greatest source of worldwide deforestation. By choosing to eat vegetarian when travelling you will not only be helping the environment, but doing yourself a favour as well. Meat and fish can make you quite ill when handled incorrectly, meaning you have a smaller chance of getting sick during your travels if you choose to avoid meat entirely. Join in!


5 reasons to make this pledge

  1. Smaller chance of catching a stomach bug
  2. Learn about new dishes
  3. Contribute to animal welfare
  4. Smaller impact on the environment
  5. Get inspiration for cooking new dishes back home

Animal-friendly travelling

“I pledge to choose animal-friendly activities and souvenirs during my travels”

Many tourist destinations will use captured animals as a source of entertainment. Elephants are tortured for “fun”, rhinos killed for souvenirs and tigers are drugged for ‘selfies’. And yet, animal friendly activities can be at least as impressive. By asking critical questions and doing research into animal activities, you can make sure that (wild) animals don’t have to unnecessarily suffer for your entertainment. On the other hand, if you choose to see animals in the wild, you are investing in the preservation of their natural habitat and giving them a chance to lead healthy and happy lives. Join in!



5 reasons to make this pledge

  1. You can admire animals in their natural habitat
  2. You can improve animal welfare in tourism
  3. You inspire others to travel animal-friendly
  4. You prevent unnecessary suffering
  5. You travel knowing you’re making a positive impact

Protect nature and biodiversity

“I pledge to do my best to protect nature and biodiversity of the destination I am visiting”

Mass tourism has had a profound impact on nature and biodiversity. Forests have had to make way for large hotels, coral reefs are dying from chemicals in sun block and nature conservation areas are losing to mass tourism – when it’s the beauty of nature that attracts so many visitors in the first place… By consciously choosing for small scale accommodation and eco lodges, thinking about the products you’re buying and supporting nature reserves, you will have an extraordinary experience all the while protecting nature and biodiversity. Join in!


5 reasons to make this pledge

  1. You can keep enjoying nature in future travels
  2. You are setting the right example
  3. You are protecting vulnerable flora and fauna
  4. You are travelling off the beaten track
  5. You are being sustainable

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