Stay in a Tree House

Stay in a tree house in Sri Lanka

Have you always wanted to stay in a tree house? You can make it happen in Sri Lanka! Not far from the Yala National Park, a number of traditional houses and five enormous tree houses have been built. The tree houses are spacious with two floors. With the houses lifted off the ground, it’s nice and cool inside. The cabins are completely open, but the beds are equipped with mosquito nets. The owners of these accommodations try to do everything as sustainable as possible. The cottages and cabins have been built with natural materials.

stay in a tree house

There is a small swimming pool where you can go for a dip. The food is delicious and is cooked with locally grown products. You can also enjoy a selection of good organic wines.

A traditional lunch in Sri Lanka

The people from the nearby area also benefit from the lodge. All sorts of excursions are organized. You can go for a delicious farmer’s lunch, for example. A tuk-tuk brings you to a family-owned farm where you get a detailed explanation about all the dishes. Flowers and leaves, many of which are medicinal, are added to the meals. Try as much as possible – it is delicious!

stay in a tree house

Fishing with the locals

Another special excursion you can experience is fishing on the lake early in the morning with local fishermen. A tractor or tuk-tuk will take you to a nearby lake where you’ll board a traditional fishing boat. You can see how the fishermen cast their nets and later retrieve them with their catch. With some luck, you will catch enough fish for a delicious meal prepared for you right on the spot!

stay in a tree house

Visit the Yala National Park

The ecolodge is located not far from the Yala National Park, making it an ideal base from which to go on safari in the park. The Yala National Park is the most famous wildlife park in Sri Lanka. You can spot elephants, buffalos, crocodiles and, with some luck, even a leopard!


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