The 3 T's of Sri Lanka

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The three T’s of Sri Lanka: Tuk-tuks, tea and trains

When travelling through Sri Lanka, you cannot miss the three T’s: tuk-tuks, tea and trains. In the city, coloured tuk-tuks whiz through the streets Move inland and you’ll find endless green tea plantations. Hop on one of Sri Lanka’s well-known train circuits and you’ll pass by the most beautiful landscapes. With these Sri Lanka tips you will fully enjoy the three T’s of Sri Lanka!

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Travelling by train in Sri Lanka

Whether you are renting a car with a driver or mainly travelling by bus, make sure you also take at least one train journey. Travelling by train is a great adventure in Sri Lanka. You will pass by small train stations that seem to come right out of the fifties and sit among locals who make a fun day out of their train journey. You can hang out of the open doors and wave to playing children who greet the train enthusiastically. En route, you can enjoy the beautiful green landscapes of Sri Lanka and the tea plantations that seem to go on without end. If you are only able to make one train journey, choose the route from Kandy to mountain village Ella. The views are spectacularly beautiful on this trip with high mountains, deep valleys and rolling hills.

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The tea plantations of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is famous for her tea and you should not miss a visit to its inland tea plantations. A good starting point is Nuwara Eliya, as only the road going up there is already worth the visit. The road meanders through rolling hills full of tea and you can regularly stop to take a walk among the tea fields. From Nuwara Eliya you can also visit several tea factories where you will learn everything about the tea production process and, of course, taste some tea. There are plenty of free tastings available where you can taste a large number of teas, ranging from white to black tea. You will also gain some interesting knowledge, as each type of tea has its own characteristics that are good for curing all sorts of ailments.

Hiking in Ella

Another place where you can enjoy the tea plantations is Ella. This small mountain village is located in one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka and there are great opportunities for good hikes. For example, climb Little Adams Peak while walking through sloping tea fields, or take the more adventurous hike up to Ella Rock, which will reward you with a fantastic view over the mountains around Ella. In the village itself you can enjoy delicious food and Ella has a large number of good homestays. Spend a few nights at the home of a Sri Lankan family, get to know the family and share in their daily life.

sri lanka tips

Tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka

If you want to cross the street in Sri Lanka always be careful, as chances are high that a bright coloured tuk-tuk will rear around the corner. Tuk-tuks are everywhere and you can easily use them to cover short distances. Especially along the South Coast tuk-tuks are very easy to use for transport. In surf places like Weligama, the tuk-tuk is also used to transport surfboards where they are tied on the roof. It is advisable to agree on the price beforehand, so you know exactly how much it will cost you. After that, it is only a matter of boarding the tuk-tuk and enjoying the pleasant chaos on the Sri Lankan roads.

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