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When it comes to transportation in Sri Lanka, you have a lot of options to choose from. There are plenty of buses, the train network is extensive and you can grab a tuktuk at any street corner. But the most relaxed way of traveling in Sri Lanka is to hire a car with a personal driver. Here are some of the main benefits.

You don’t need to drive yourself

This seems quite logical, but really: driving yourself in Sri Lanka is not an easy option. The traffic is chaotic with cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and tuktuks driving criss cross together and competing for space on the road. In Sri Lanka, he who is loudest or largest, wins. Road signage is far from good. In Sri Lanka, driving is not usually fun for foreigners and small mistakes can have large consequences. You can avoid a lot of stress and potential problems when traveling with a local who knows the roads and the (unwritten) traffic rules.

You can follow your own plan

Part of the biggest pleasure of travelling with a personal driver is that you have complete freedom. You can decide where you want to go, when you want to stop and at what time you want to leave. You are completely flexible and can make the most of your trip. You can discuss with your driver daily where you want to stop and whether he has nice ideas for extra stops. Who knows, you might just visit places that you did not think of yourself!

Sri Lanka personal driver

Your driver knows the most special places

Your driver is, of course, a local and that comes in handy. For example, he knows the best local restaurants to eat at. He knows which stalls sell the best fruit along the way and can also help you with bargaining for a good price. Your driver will know if there are festivals taking place and if you can stop at them for sneak peak! This way you can get to know Sri Lanka in a completely different way.

The rental cars in Sri Lanka are usually hybrids

Renting a car is not the most environmentally sustainable way of travelling, but in Sri Lanka most rental cars are hybrids. You often travel with a Toyota Prius, which has both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Making it a more environmentally friendly option than an ordinary car.

You can plan your trip to make the best use of your time

If you have your own car at your disposal, it’s easier to plan your trip. You do not have to reserve time to arrange bus and train tickets. Also you do not have to worry about tickets being sold out, which can happen for some trains in Sri Lanka. You can make the trip exactly as you’d like.
Sri Lanka personal driver

Extra tip: Combine travelling by train and tuk-tuk

The benefits are all true, but in Sri Lanka you don’t want to miss travelling by train (at least) once. The train routes are beautiful, you can easily meet locals and train life can be relaxing. A highly recommended train trip is between Kandy and Ella, known as Sri Lanka’s most beautiful train route. The route runs through tea plantations and green mountains and the views are spectacular. You can then ask your driver to pick you up in Ella again. Do you want to drive shorter distances, on the south coast for example? Then take a tuktuk. Feeling the wind through your hair on a nice ride along the coast, overlooking a sea full of surfers are the ideal ingredients for the true Sri Lankan holiday feeling.

Sri Lanka personal driver

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