Suriname is still undiscovered

Kim Chang wanted to show her three children the country where their great-grandparents came from. She decided to travel through Suriname with her family for 3 weeks and combine the country’s most beautiful spots with family visits. “The peace in the interior is just wonderful.”

Family trip Suriname

Twenty years ago, Kim went to Suriname for the last time to visit her family. Now she thought it was time to show her children where their roots lie. “My children are now ten, fifteen and seventeen years old, and my partner and I thought these are great ages to take them with us on a holiday to Suriname,” says Kim. “My partner’s colleague had been traveling with Better Places, and so we got in touch with Lizet, the Better Places’ local agent in Suriname. We wanted to combine our trip with family visits. We really liked the concept of Better Places, and Lizet created a trip completely in line with our wishes. ”

special trip suriname


Action-packed but relaxing holiday

The communication with Lizet was very smooth. Kim received quick answers to her questions and good advice. “I really had clear ideas about the kind of trip we wanted to make: an action-packed but relaxing holiday,” Kim says. “And that’s exactly the itinerary Lizet created for us. For me, that flexibility is the greatest added value of Better Places. We had everything arranged exactly as we wanted. It was a wonderful trip we all really enjoyed. ”


Respect for the locals

A number of places really stood out for Kim and her family. For example, the nature at the Bigi Pan lagoon was very impressive. “We were sleeping in an ecolodge on the water and that was really special,” Kim says. “The silence, the space … wonderful! We also found the interior very beautiful. We spent a night in the village of Gunsi, home to the Maroon peoples who are descendants of slaves. The Maroons still live in the way their ancestors did, and the village life is very authentic. There is always a chance you feel a bit awkward and like an intruder in these kinds of places, not at all designed for tourists. Luckily we didn’t feel that way at all: the people were treated with respect and we did not disturb ordinary life in the village.”

special trip suriname


Good local guides Suriname

Kim was also very happy with the local guides during their trip. The guides were involved, knew a lot and told extensively about all the places they visited. “We noticed that the history of Suriname is still very important for them,” said Kim. “That made our trip through Suriname not only beautiful but also very educational.”

special trip suriname


Small-scale ecolodges Suriname

Another highlight for Kim and her family was Galibi, where they saw a turtle laying eggs on the beach at night. This excursion was also carried out with great respect for nature: the turtle was at ease and not disturbed in any way. “Nature in Suriname is really beautiful and still very pristine,” Kim says. “There is no mass tourism. Suriname has a lot to offer to tourists, but it is still unknown to most people. We slept in small-scale ecolodges, had good contact with the – incredibly friendly – locals and the trip felt very personal. We really got to know Suriname. ”

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