Your own road trip adventure

Take a road trip with your own rental car

Prefer to travel at your own pace? Want to be able to stop wherever you like? Like to choose your own scenic routes? Then a road trip by rental car is the ideal solution for your holiday. Explore the country at your own pace and get a front seat to discovering the ins and outs of your holiday destination. You can find a number of amazing road trips in our various destinations.

Breathtaking nature of Argentina

If there’s one country that is perfect for a road trip, it’s Argentina. Especially the Salta area is ideal road trip territory with its beautiful deserts, traditional towns, the Argentinian Grand Canyon and green vineyards. During this self-drive, you’ll discover the most stunning places of northern Argentina.

An off-road adventure in Namibia

There’s more to Namibia than safaris and wild animals. You’ll also find deserts, red sand dunes, traditional tribes and a rugged coastline. Going on a road trip here is an adventure. Drive on endless gravel roads through amazing Namibian landscapes, stopping wherever you like along the way to admire the surrounding beauty.

Through Costa Rica jungles

Costa Rica is an ideal country for road tripping by rental car. Drive to stunning beaches, marvel at volcanoes and stop along the way to take a photo of a sloth hanging in a tree.

Unknown east of Cuba

travel through the eastern part of Cuba, the most authentic area of the island. Wander around the colonial cities, enjoy the white sand beaches and stroll through the lush nature.

New! Peru road trip

Want to see the most amazing places in Peru, travel at your own pace and sleep in local family homes? Prefer to take the less travelled routes where few other tourists can be found? Then have a look at our new road trip through Peru.

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Tips for your road trip

Driving in a foreign country doesn’t have to be more difficult than driving at home. It’s often actually calm on the roads and you have much more space to stop along the way. Of course, it helps to prepare yourself before going. With these tips, you’ll have a head start.

Road rules

Research in advance what the local traffic rules are at your destination. This way you’ll know what to expect on the road.

Plan your route

Before leaving, plan out your route. What’s the best way from A to B? What stops can you make along the way? How much time do you need?


Travelling through a remote area? Then don’t forget to bring enough food and drinks for the road journey.


Make sure you have a good navigation system. You can often rent a GPS, but offline apps like are very useful to plan your routes without wifi or 3/4G. Just remember to download the maps before you leave.


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Drive through the tropics of Suriname

Travellers Esther and Albert drove with their daughter Eline through the jungles of Suriname. This gave them the chance to travel efficiently and see as much of Suriname as possible. “Self-driving in Suriname is very doable, especially with a well-planned route.”

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