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Looking to refill your water bottle in Bali? Download the Refill Bali-app!

Bali is a beautiful island – and that shouldn’t change. That’s why Frenchman Alexandre Tsuk started his organization Book Greener in Bali, now associated with more than 50 travel companies. One of their initiatives is Refill Bali, an app that maps some 250 refill stations – places where you can refill your bottle with drinking water. A great way to help reduce plastic waste on Bali!

Better Places Travel supports the development of the Refill Bali App.

refill your bottle

Thirty plastic bottles

The average traveller goes through 30 water bottles during a two-week trip overseas. All that plastic waste needs to be disposed of, but unfortunately in many developing countries the system of processing waste is not yet optimal. That’s why it’s so important to reduce the amount of plastic waste we leave behind as travellers. This is now a lot easier to do when travelling in Bali. Alexandre Tsik, the founder of Book Greener: “More than 50 companies are associated with Book Greener, all involved with travel in come capacity. These vary from hotels, eco-lodges, restaurants, shops, yoga centres, to charities, all committed to bringing about a positive change in the travel community. Our goals: to ensure that tourism in Bali becomes more sustainable and that Bali remains the beautiful island that it is today.”

App with refill stations

About 6 months ago, members of Book Greener brainstormed about the best way to achieve lasting, sustainable impact in Bali. The original idea was to print a map of all “green” hotels, restaurants, shops and tour operators. “I wasn’t convinced by the idea of a printed map, so we kept thinking,” says Alex. “Then the idea of Refill Bali came to us. It’s so important we make a significant reduction to the amount of plastic waste on Bali, and travellers can really make a difference here. This is why we developed an app with a digital map that shows you all the spots where you can refill your bottle with drinking water. More than 250 cafes, restaurants, galleries, and other refill spots have joined our movement in the last 6 months. All the spots offer refills for free or at a lower cost than the price of a bottle of water.” You can always tell if a shop if part of Refill Bali by the sticker in their window.

refill your bottle

Expansion plans Refill Bali

Alex was able to develop Refill Bali partly because of the financial contribution of Better Places. Support for Refill Bali is entirely in line with Better Places’ mission to make the world a little bit better by developing responsible tourism. “Our goal is to grow to a thousand refill spots this year,” says Alex. “We’ve also started to add stations on the Gili Islands, Nusa Lembongan, Flores and Java. We’ve noticed that finding companies and shops who want to work with us is a time consuming process. We’re a relatively new initiative and it can take time to win over new contacts. We have also noticed though that that the response to Refill Bali is really positive and we’d like to expand our success to other countries. That’s also why we’ve changed the name of our site from Refill Bali to Refill My Bottle. Our concept can be applied anywhere in the world, from Amsterdam to India. We really hope to find contacts in other countries willing to develop their own Refill map. Together we can make a real difference.”

refill your bottle

Development app

With enough financing, Alex would like to develop a new version of the Refill Bali app. This version should have a bigger social aspect: you can check in at your refill station, map out how many water bottles you have saved, and share your results on social media. “In this way we hope to create a community of aware and responsible travellers around Refill my Bottle,” says Alex. “We have already started to created a community offline. You can leave a piece of paper at every refill station with a message for the next person who comes to refill their bottle. In this way we hope to create a connection between travellers with similar ambitions and interests: responsible travel.”


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