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Here at Better Places we believe in the positive power of travel. We want to make travel count in 2019 and will be spending all of January bringing you #positiveimpact trips and travel stories. Join us in making travel a force for good!

“…tourism can create a real, positive difference to lives around the world […]. From hiking with female guides in the Himalayas to rustic village stays, to eco lodges that respect our planet there are plenty of examples of positive impact travel around the world.”

Read Ellie and Ravi’s full story here.

Ellie & Ravi

Soul Travel Blog

“In the brutally wonderful world of the Indian subcontinent, what we need is decentralized local initiatives. In other words, we need more Mawlynnongs. We need locally-run initiatives to make lives better.”

Read Nat and Zin’s full story here.

Nat & Zin

Nat & Zin

“Responsible travel is about not just being a spectator, trapped behind a camera lens: instead, it’s about being an active player, a dancer who joins the throng.”

Read Steph’s full story here.

Steph Dyson

Worldly Adventurer

“A simple action that I tend to do wherever I go had a ripple effect and could change the pollution of one small village. Humans are impressionable, especially children, and we must always lead by example.”

Read Lola’s full story here.

Lola Méndez

Miss Filatelista

“Positive impact travel […] also exists on this tiny, local level that forces you to think about the effect you have on the world around you as you travel through it.”

Read Michael’s full story here.

Michael Huxley

Bemused Backpacker

“Supporting social enterprises as you travel not only makes for a special experience, but it also means you can feel good about what you do. Your money is used to make the community that you visit a better place… “

Read Daisy’s full story here.

Daisy & Patrick

All Day Every Daisy



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