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In recent years, there has been more attention for the authentic Peruvian cuisine. Lima is now known as the culinary capital of Latin America, and in 2014 it was voted the best culinary destination in the world. Enough reasons to try it out!

The food is known for its spicy and fresh accents, and is actually a melting pot of kitchens from all over the world. You will find hints from the Chinese and Japanese cuisines, but can also find typical German, Spanish and Italian ingredients. The main ingredients from the country forms the basis of corn, potatoes and chili peppers.

Peru travel blog

Ceviche – raw fish with lime, onion and chili

If you are already familiar with the Peruvian cuisine, you definitely know ceviche, the country’s ‘signature dish’. This popular dish can be prepared in different ways. The raw fish of choice is marinated with lemon or lime, after which it is mixed with onion and chili peppers. This base is sometimes supplemented with avocado, lettuce or corn, but can also be eaten without.

Peru travel blog

Typical Peruvian ingredients

If you prefer less exotic dishes, you might be better off ordering a variety of dishes from a restaurant and sharing it with your travel companion. You can for instance try causa; a cold dish with the typical Peruvian ingredients like avocado and potato with tuna and meat.  Or go for the lomo saltado. An interesting dish that appears more Chinese than Peruvian. The stir-fry dish consists of beef, many herbs, potatoes and white rice. Another specialty that the locals might recommend you is cuy – guinea pigs.

Peru travel blog

Peruvian markets

Do not leave Peru without visiting one of the many covered markets, mainly found in the larger cities. Dozens of stalls sell the finest ingredients and herbs that you’ve never heard of before. Walk up to a stall with an array of exotic fruits for a fresh juice, enjoy the colourful souvenir stalls or admire how the Peruvian men carve out works of art from pieces of wood. This is also the best place to try street food. For less than $ 3 you already have a plate full of carapulcra, patita con mani, chanfainita or mondonguito.

Peru travel blog

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