Stefanie Kersten – with partner
July/August/September 2016

Look no further if you’re after a one-of-a-kind travel experience

Better Places helped to design and organize parts of our seven-week trip through South America. We didn’t regret it for a moment! The comprehensive, clear information we received before our trip not only gave us a lot of confidence, but also raised our expectations. These were not only met, but exceeded! We were very happy with the personal approach of the organization.
The highlights of the trip for us were our stays with local host families, the Colca Canyon and the coffee tour we did on our way to Machu Picchu. It’s really so much fun meeting local people and learning from them along the way! This was never done in a forced, touristy way, but always felt personal. We also really liked that many of the accommodations chosen for us by the travel expert in some way supported locally-run outreach programs for children, or made sure that the income went straight to the local population.

Peru reviews

Kees and Heike
April 2016

We didn’t have to worry: everything was arranged to perfection by Agnes’s Better Places team

Wanting to see Machu Picchu once in our lives; that’s the idea that originally sparked our trip to Peru. Agnes, Better Places Travel’s local travel expert, built a fantastic tour of Peru around this.
We started off slowly, taking time to get used to the altitude and enjoying the stunning nature of Peru. The really special thing about this trip is the contact we made with the locals, who let us experience a small part of their everyday lives. The three-day coffee tour was also a highlight.
The English-speaking guides always took our wishes into account, and were great in estimating the gravity of the routes; whether or not we would be able to complete them on foot. Since our trip involved a lot of travel, and different modes of transport, we were a bit nervous at first if we would make all the connections, and if our luggage would make it as well.

Renée and Nick
September 2015

A unique, adventurous and perfectly organized trip! What more can you ask for?

We can highly recommend Better Places! A travel experience that met all our wishes: active & adventurous, while meeting as few tourists and as many Peruvians as possible. We spent nights in homestays, did a fantastic hike of Huayhuash, met many beautiful people and saw some stunning nature along the way.
Since Better Places took care of all the organization, we could focus on everything else. This didn’t take away from the adventure in the slightest. In fact, because everything was so well organized for us, we could spend nights in homestays and time with locals, and didn’t have to waste our afternoons looking for accommodation. A unique, adventurous and perfectly organized trip! What more can you ask for?

Luisella with partner and daughter
September 2015

We’ll definitely book through Better Places again!

We first got turned down by several other travel agencies offering tailor-made tours, as I wanted to make the trip with my infant daughter. Better Places were the only ones ready for the challenge.
Our travel schedule was perfect. We had time to get used to the altitude, see Machu Picchu and Salar de Uyuni, but also hug lamas, have time to relax, take part in various activities, and meet the locals. It was a holiday of a lifetime! We saw all the tourist highlights we wanted, while having time to spend with local farmers and their families (my daughter in particular enjoyed playing on the farm and ‘helping’ with the coffee harvest), and even took part in a cooking course in Cusco. My partner cycled down the Abra Malaga. We travelled by plane, bus, train, boat, private transport. Everything was perfectly arranged, and we could always keep in touch via Whatsapp.

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