Our Nicaragua Experience

The highlight was our visit to a coffee plantation in Nicaragua

Timo ten Klooster travelled through Central America fourteen years ago and Nicaragua quickly became his favourite country. This year he finally returned with his girlfriend Ursula for a three-week trip to discover some of Nicaragua’s lesser-known places.

nicaragua experience

“While getting to know my girlfriend, I told her that I wanted to someday return to Nicaragua with her”, says Timo enthusiastically. “During my trip around Central America, I visited four countries: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras. All of them were beautiful, but Nicaragua was my favourite. This year we decided to go back. While we didn’t want to go with a group, we also didn’t want to travel without having made any plans. We also don’t speak Spanish and didn’t want to lose precious time making arrangements once we were there.”

nicaragua experience

A tailor-made Nicaragua holiday

Timo found Better Places online and was immediately drawn to their approach. “I want to book with a local organisation so that the money is given directly to the locals”, he explains. “It is important that they benefit from tourism. At Better Places you book directly with a local travel agent, but are also provided with travel guarantees. This is a reassuring concept. I also appreciate that Better Places allows you to be flexible. You are not tied to fixed travel itineraries, but you can completely customize your trip.”

nicaragua experience

The unknown places of Nicaragua

Timo had several wishes for the trip, including a visit to the Isla de Ometepe, a volcanic island within Lake Nicaragua, and an overnight stay in the rainforest. The local travel expert for Better Places put together a 23-day travel itinerary based on these requests. “After a few adjustments based on our input, we were provided with a trip tailored specifically to our wishes”, says Timo. “Not only had the well-known places been included, but also the little-known places that are rarely visited. This is one of the benefits of a local travel agent. He knows the less common places that are worth visiting. Both before and during our trip we had good contact with our local travel expert. He replied to our questions quickly, and when a hurricane approached Nicaragua during our trip, he immediately arranged for us to leave the coast a day earlier than planned.”

nicaragua experience

A varied Nicaragua holiday

Timo and Ursula’s trip was varied and diverse. Among other things, they travelled to various rainforests and nature parks, visited local coffee and cacao plantations, trekked deep into the jungle to the Spanish fort El Castillo, spotted turtles at Playa El Coco, and explored Isla Ometepe and the cities of Granada and Léon. They rounded off their trip with a visit to Laguna Apoyo, a crater lake where you can go for a nice swim. “All of the destinations were beautiful, but our favourite was Isla de Ometepe”, shares Timo. “This island consists of two volcanoes and is a very calm place. We kayaked on the lake and explored the island together with our guide. The area is stunning. Our visit to the coffee and cacao plantation was also very special. It was interesting to see how cacao is grown and processed, and we got to lunch at the locals’ homes. That was a great experience.”

nicaragua experience

 Sleeping in ecolodges

The trip was perfectly organised. Timo and Ursula had private transport everywhere and slept in nice hotels. Most overnight stays in the nature parks were spent at conveniently located eco-lodges that were sustainably run. “We travelled around with a local guide several times, which proved very informative”, says Timo. “Nicaragua has a turbulent history and some of our guides lived through the civil war. Their stories brought the country’s history to life. Nicaragua is a beautiful country with much diversity – from volcanoes and rainforests to cities and beaches. It is not touristic, it is relatively safe and it has a unique atmosphere – an absolute must visit.”

nicaragua experience

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