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5 reasons why you should really visit Nepal

There are hundreds of reasons why Nepal is recommended for every traveller. The overwhelmingly beautiful Himalayas, the mix of cultures, the warm locals, the adventurous activities: the list is endless. Do you still need some persuasion? Then these are five reasons why you really need to go to Nepal.

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You can hike at any level

Would you like to go for a hike in the mountains, but your condition isn’t great? Or are you looking for a challenging hike? Whatever kind of hike you want, Nepal has it all. There are heavy treks that last several weeks, such as the Annapurna Circuit or Mount Everest Base Camp Trek. You can choose to make a relatively easy trek of a day or six, such as the Jomsom Trek. Or you can go for shorter day walks from the Kathmandu Valley. Whatever your level and whichever hike you choose, it is the highlight of your trip through Nepal.

Staying with a Nepalese family

The Nepalese are gentle, friendly people who receive travellers with open arms. It is therefore easy to get to know the locals. A beautiful way to get to know the everyday life in Nepal is during a homestay. You will travel to the countryside, where you will live with a local family who would like to show you what their lives look like. A recommendation is to follow a cooking workshop, where you can learn the best Nepalese dishes.

nepal travel blog

Plenty of culture and history

Nepal is famous for its high mountains and stunning natural beauty, but the country also has a lot to offer in the cultural area. Kathmandu is a chaos of narrow streets, colourful markets and ancient temples. In the surrounding Kathmandu Valley you will find ancient kingdoms like Bhaktapur and Patan, or Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temple complexes. Just as worth it as the Himalayas.

The Nepalese need travellers

In April 2015, Nepal was hit by an earthquake that caused major damage. Although the country is now easy to travel through again, the number of tourists visiting Nepal is still low. A pity, because the Nepalese need tourism now more than ever. Donations help, but it does not have the direct impact that the travellers spending has. This alone is a reason to go to Nepal now.

You can return to magical Nepal more often

Nepal is addictive. Once you’ve been there, chances are you’ll want to come back to see more. Is it the combination of breath taking mountain landscapes, Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries and traditional villages? Is it the friendly people, the beautiful trekking’s and the possibilities for adventurous activities? Whatever it is, Nepal will touch you. And the sooner you go, the more time you will have to return as often as you like.

Nepal travel blog

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