Lieke Nobelen
February 2017

Now I know the perfect people to organize another trip to Nepal – Maaike and Chuda from Better Places Travel

Maaike and Chuda are the perfect hosts. They understood us and our wishes really well, they were easy to reach during the trip and organized the ideal travel experience for us. Hotels were good, sometimes even excellent, Ravi and Youraj are helpful, good drivers and I felt completely safe, even on difficult roads. The highlight of our trip was definitely the Sapana Village Lodge, but generally the whole trip was a fantastic experience. I found Nepal to be a country with the sweetest and warmest people I have ever encountered.

This was my fourth trip to Nepal and I hope to go there again because there is still so much to discover. Now I know the perfect people to organize another trip to Nepal – Maaike and Chuda from Better Places Travel. Thanks again, Namasté.

Nepal Review

Christianne Raes – with partner
November 2016

Maaike, our travel expert in Nepal, organized everything so well and was always approachable

As soon as we landed at Kathmandu airport, we met the local Nepalese representative of Better Places Travel. The next day we went on a trail with our guide Vijay who speaks perfect English and has extensive knowledge on the cultural heritage of Nepal. Our experiences at the temples in Kathmandu and Patan Baktapur was just wonderful. In Pokhara we got to experience the stunning nature and views on the Himalaya. Our stay at the Chitwan Park could have been longer, we spotted rhinos, elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, beautiful birds and butterflies. An unforgettable experience and journey. Maaike organized this so well after we clarified our wishes by email. She is very accessible and enjoyable. It was very important for us that our money reaches the local population. Our plan was to go to Nepal in 2015. The earthquake in April led us to postpone our plans. Tourism is crucial for the Nepalese economy. So don’t delay your visit to Nepal!

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