Sustainability and responsible travel are becoming increasingly important for travellers. For us, it’s just as important, which is why we do everything we can to have our trips impact our world for the better.

Working together with locals

Tourism offers a lot of opportunities to developing countries, but these opportunities should be framed in responsible way. Our goal is that trips booked through Better Places Travel put as little strain on nature and the environment as possible. We also want to do our part toward reducing poverty in our destination countries. What this means in practice is that we only work with local partners, including travel agents and guides. It also means Better Places travellers sleep in small-scale accommodations that are run by local families, and operate in the most sustainable way possible. We also try to accommodate our guests in ecolodges whenever possible.

Travelife sustainability certificate

Better Places Travel became Travelife certified in 2017. This means that all our partners work in accordance with Travelife criteria, an international management and certification program for travel organizations and accommodations that want to operate responsibly.

Reducing emissions

Better Places Travel compensates, at our own expense, not only the on-destination travel booked through us, but also the emissions of the independently booked international flight. Using the award-winning CARMACAL emissions calculator, Better Places Travel calculates the entire CO2 footprint of each journey and compensates for the emissions by investing in more efficient cooking stoves in Ghana. Read more here about carbon neutral travel.

Reducing plastic waste

The average traveller will use close to 30 plastic water bottles during a two-week holiday in a country that doesn’t have access to clean water. This produces an enormous amount of waste that, in many countries, isn’t properly disposed of. By trading in those single-use plastic bottles for refillable water bottles, we can really minimize our plastic waste when traveling. Read more here about what you can do and the various initiatives that have been set up to reduce this plastic waste.

Responsible Travel

We want to be responsible not only in the type of travel we offer, but also in the way we run our business. Better Places Travel is a Social Enterprise, and part of the Social Enterprise NL community. We are committed to making a social impact above making a profit, and use our profits mainly to achieve our social objectives. In May 2018, we also became a Certified B Corporation. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more about our business practices or read more about it in our Code of Conduct and our Responsible Tourism Policy.

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