Helga and Adam – partners
July 2015

I have rarely felt this welcome! The unique animals, the friendliness of the people and the laughing children are unforgettable memories and will last a lifetime!

With the help of Frank, the local travel expert of Better Places we have travelled for more than three weeks in Madagascar. This made us keen on seeing more! Thanks to Frank, everything was well organized, we visited overwhelmingly beautiful places with our with great guides and the hotels were good. Thanks to Zo, our driver and guide, we discovered a lot about the local customs and habits and we gained special access to this country, not usual for most tourists. We have always felt very safe. I have rarely felt this welcome, the special animals, the friendliness of the people and the laughing children are unforgettable memories and will last a lifetime!

Madagascar review

Wietse Cornelissen
October 2015

Madagascar was in one word breath-taking

We wanted to book a last minute holiday to Madagascar. We decided in July to travel in late October. Through Better Places we came in contact with local expert Frank. We decided we wanted to do everything by car. Together with Frank, we quickly put together a completely custom-made trip. We were very satisfied with the way and speed in which we communicated. The trip went very well and everything ran smoothly. Our driver was very friendly and helpful and could tell us a  lot about the places we visited. A wonderful trip, but also an experience that caused some food-for-thought. A country like this could really use the benefits of ecotourism! Madagascar was in one word breath-taking. The poverty of this country is something you cannot prepare yourself for. However, the amazing wildlife and beautiful people are unforgettable. The country leaves a deep impression. An intense experience!

Linda Krikke – with family
July 2016

I had many questions and I always received a quick and clear answer

Better Places paid attention to our individual needs. We made a beautiful journey through Madagascar with our three children. I had many questions before the trip and received quick and clear answer. It’s up to you to choose whether you want luxury hotels or something more basic. Very well organized by Better Places.

Truusje and Noud – partners
December 2016

Frank, the travel expert, put together a wonderful trip for us in this beautiful country

Madagascar is a very varied and fascinating country. Frank put together a wonderful trip for us and we were introduced to many aspects of this beautiful country and its flora, fauna and people. All our emails were answered very quickly and they were very attentive to our needs. At the end of our trip we stayed in Hotel Long Vezo in Anakao where we relaxed and went scuba diving. A fantastic place to let all our experiences sink in and enjoy the hospitality of the French owners of this simple but relaxed and idyllic spot.

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