Dorien and Hylke

We had a great trip through the beautiful mountains of Ladakh. We did a trekking and a mountain bike trip. Perfectly arranged by our local travel expert! We enjoyed it very much!

ladakh reviews

Hylke Botma

We deliberately chose an active holiday, and got exactly what we wished for, and more. With the help of the local travel expert, we chose a combination of trekking and an ATB tour. The program was well aligned with the recommended time to acclimatize to the altitude, and included plenty of rest days to enjoy Leh. We made a 4-day trekking in a beautiful area west of Leh. During the trek, we slept in the homes of local families, which gave us the chance to experience the authentic lifestyle. We walked from one beautiful village between the mountains to the next, along beautiful passes with snowy mountain peaks as a background. After the trek we made a 7-day ATB tour, going down from over 5400 meters to around 3000 meters. Despite (or because of!) the bad roads this was a fantastic experience. We drove through a gradually changing landscape, which got greener and greener, until we even reached a desert in the valley. During the tour we had an unexpected treat, namely attending a ceremony where the Dalai Lama was present, an awesome experience! All in all, the best vacation we have booked so far! Besides, and this is agreed by many to whom we spoke during our trip, Ladakh is the most beautiful and cleanest part of India.

Jan-René Dolfing – with family

We had a wonderful experience with Better Places. Our 2-week Trans Himalaya trip was very well taken care of. The first week we did a trekking, where we stayed a few nights in tents. A truly wonderful experience! The second week was mountain biking through the Himalayas, accompanied by a pick-up truck. The guidance during both the trek and the mounting bike tour was very good with guides who take their work very seriously. The descent from the top of the highest rideable pass (5600 meters) was spectacular. Advice: Take the time to acclimatize on arrival at Leh, as recommended by Better Places.

ladakh reviews

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