Elena met her Jordanian husband in her native Russia, and fifteen years ago she moved to Jordan. She loves the country and organizes tailor-made trips for people who want to know Jordan’s most beautiful places. “As a traveller you are sincerely welcome here.”

When Elena moved to Jordan, she soon started searching for a job. “I’m not good at doing nothing,” she laughs. “My first job was not a success, because that was boring office work. Fortunately, I accidentally heard that a travel agency was looking for a Russian-speaking employee who could organize trips for Russian tourists. I am still working for that organization and I expanded my working area to Europe. Among other things, I design tailor-made trips for Better Places, and that’s a great job. The travel industry fits me well. I like to work with travellers and design a great trip for them. I want to organize everything until the smallest detail, so the travellers can fully enjoy their trip in Jordan. Every trip is different, so it never bores me. ”

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Hospitality in Jordan

Jordan, according to Elena, is a country for everybody. Whether you like culture and history or nature, you are young or old, you like to be active or prefer to relax. When Elena talks about Jordan, her eyes start to shine. You can read her love for the country from her face. “Jordanian hospitality is the main reason I love this beautiful country. From day one I felt very welcome and the Jordanians do everything to make me feel at home here. The people here are helpful and open. For example, if they see you looking for something, they will ask you immediately if they can help you. ”

Jordan Travel Expert

What’s best about her job as a travel expert for Jordan? “Contact with customers, especially when they are traveling in the country. Talking to them and listening to their experiences, I travel a little with them. In addition, it’s always fun to make an itinerary because everyone has a different taste in terms of travel. Finally, of course, I’m also travelling in Jordan myself. To inspect hotels and of course to discover more of this beautiful country. ”

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Travelling in Jordan

A tour of Jordan often begins in Amman and takes the traveller to places like the famous ruins of Petra and Jerash, various castles and nature reserves, the beautiful underwater world at Aqaba and the deserted plains of Wadi Rum. But according to Elena, it is the Jordanian people who make a trip to Jordan unforgettable. She talks about the Jordanians and Bedouin with praise: Bedouin are people with a nomadic way of life, often in remote places such as the desert. “They have different traditions than the Jordanians and it is definitely interesting when you as a traveller have the opportunity to get a taste for their daily lives.”

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Elena’s personal favorite in Jordan is the walk of Little Petra to Petra. Together with a local Bedouin guide, you walk a 4 hour-hike along a path that many guides don’t know. “When I did this walk for the first time I was speechless. I felt so small next to those huge rocks. Petra is great and you can’t skip that place, but honestly, I find the ruins at Little Petra even more impressive. ”

Sustainable travel in Jordan

Sustainability is not a mainstream subject in Jordanian society, just yet. “Environmental pollution is a major problem in Jordan, but fortunately, the situation has improved a lot compared to ten years ago. When I came here I was shocked to see how much waste there was everywhere. I am very pleased that more and more attention is being paid nowadays to recycling, plastic reduction and other ways to deal with the country properly. It would be nice if there were more sustainable accommodations in Jordan, for example in the nature reserves of Dana and Ajlun.”

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Contact with the locals

Elena has one golden tip for Jordan. “Connect with the locals,” she says. “Enjoy the contact, get to know them and enjoy their enormous hospitality. That makes your trip very special. In addition, I would recommend anyone to enjoy the local cuisine. The Jordanian cuisine is amazing. Try the mansaf, lamb cooked in a kind of yogurt, and the makloubeh, a mix of rice, chicken and vegetables. Simple snacks like falafel, hummus and shoarma are also delicious. If you’re anything like me, everything will taste very differently from what you are used to  but you soon won’t be able to get enough of it.”

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