Karin Poerstamper

March 2016

Everything was perfectly arranged

In mid-March I went for 16 days to Java and Bali. I had specific wishes such as doing a jungle trek and following different cooking workshops – and I did not have much time in Indonesia to organize this all myself. I wanted make all the necessary preparations beforehand – this is where Better Places came in. I discussed everything with thier local travel expert, and together we designed a great program. Within a week the program was fully arranged. Once on destination, I enjoyed the trip and I didn’t think for a second about organization and logistics. Everything was perfectly arranged. I completely focused on all the beautiful nature and culture and enjoyed the great accommodations. I would recommend to anyone who wants a relaxed and well-organized holiday, to create your trip together with Better Places.

William and Paula – partners

July– August 2015

The program could be adjusted to our wishes

It was personal, not overly touristic all the time. It was nice that the program could be adjusted to our wishes and that you work with local organizations. We are very happy about this trip!

Ed Arnold – with family

July 2014

Cycling on Lombok was fun!

Our only activity with Better Places was cycling on Lombok, that was fun! We requested going down from Rinjani to the coast and this was one of the highlights of the ride. The enthusiasm of the locals om Lombok is great.

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