Homestay in Ella, Sri Lanka

Spend the night in a homestay in Ella, Sri Lanka

A homestay is the perfect way to experience the hospitality of the Sri Lankan people. Anil, Danu and their daughter Inama welcome you to their modest home on the hillside in Ella in Sri Lanka. The family dog Tabi will greet you with excited barking. “It may sound strange but Tabi does not like luggage. But we promise you, once your luggage is out of sight he will be your best friend,” Anil reassures. “Welcome to my home!”

Ella Sri Lanka
Cosy foreigners

Idyll Homestay is a small-scale accommodation in the popular mountain village of Ella. On the way you will pass a variety of hotels, B&Bs and other homestays. Anil was the second inhabitant of Ella who decided to rent a room to travellers. The first were their Australian neighbours. “We really liked it, all the friendly travellers in the area. Our neighbours then helped us to set up our own homestay.”

From tea plantations to computer lessons

Before Anil received his first guests 7 years ago, he worked on a tea plantation. “Everyone in Ella used to do that, but nowadays people work either in tourism or on the plantations.” When he began his Idyll Homestay he had zero experience in running a guesthouse. “I didn’t understand anything about computers and e-mails.” One time two Flemish girls stayed here, one of whom became seriously ill. Anil looked after her and in return she gave him computer lessons. “Now I even have my own website!”

Homestay Ella Sri Lanka
Amazing views

Idyll Homestay has five rooms, one of which is the large family room. The rooms have large beds, a simple interior and a clean bathroom. More importantly, all the rooms have an amazing view over the valley, Ella rock and Little Adam’s Peak. Anil knows they are like no one else. He grew up here. He can easily map out the route to the top of the mountains for you. If he has time, he will even join you.

Friendly people

Tourism in Ella, Sri Lanka has increased rapidly in the last few years. In a short period of time many hotels and restaurants have emerged. Anil is a bit worried about the impersonal character of many of the new accommodations. “It’s like money-making is the only priority. That does not fit my people. We Sri Lankans are very hospitable, that’s what I want to show”. Anil and his family receive a lot in return for their hospitality. “We meet so many people from all around the world. I learn a lot about other cultures and practices. And my daughter can practice her English. Hers is already so much better than mine. She’s just a bit shy sometimes!”

Homestay Ella Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan breakfast

Anil is extra proud of the traditional breakfast he serves his guests every morning. “In many hotels the guests receive white bread with jam and eggs. Not here. I want to show my guests the Sri Lankan kitchen. My wife and I prepare an extensive traditional breakfast.” While enjoying the view, Anil will lay everything out for you on the table: pani pol (coconut pancakes), egg hoppers (a pancake basket with fried eggs), real curd (thick yoghurt) with kitoel (syrup). They’re all strange names but you will never forget them after a visit to Idyll Homestay. After a breakfast like this, the hike to Ella Rock is a breeze!

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