5 reasons why you should book a direct flight

The benefits of a direct flight

It sounds like a great deal: saving money by booking a flight with one or more stopovers. But money is not always the most important thing. Booking a direct flight with a newer aircraft may cost you a bit more, but will ensure you a substantial reduction in the CO2 emissions of your trip. But this isn’t the only reason to book a direct flight, so we’ve put together a list of 5 reasons why it is better to book a direct flight.

1. Your journey will cause much lower CO2 emissions

Around 90% of all CO2 emissions from a trip abroad are caused by the flight. For the future of our planet, it is important to make sustainable choices while travelling – and that starts with your flight. On a long journey, you can save up to 50% CO2 emissions when you book a direct flight with a new aircraft. That makes a difference.

2. A direct flight is faster and more relaxed

Wherever you’re travelling to, you’ll want to get the most out of your precious vacation days. It’s a shame to spend those on the plane! With a direct flight, you arrive at your destination much more quickly as well as much more rested. Taking a direct flight is more relaxed than having to board and exit aircraft after aircraft. You also do not have to worry about connections or delays, but get to where you need to be in one flight.

3. You save yourself money (and boredom) at airports

Whatever you want to buy at an airport, it is all expensive. During layovers you always end up spending too much money, either because you want something to eat or drink while you’re waiting, or you go shopping. You can better spend this money at your destination. But even when you’re not spending, layovers are often boring. You hang around the airport at weird times of the day for hours on end, when you would rather be sleeping on the plane.

4. The chance your luggage arrives in one go is greater

The more stopovers, the greater the chance that your luggage will get stuck somewhere in between your departure and arrival. And nothing is more annoying than not finding your suitcase on the luggage belt on arrival. The added advantage of booking a direct flight is that the chance that something goes wrong with your luggage is much smaller. In short: if you take into account the environment and your own comfort, booking a direct flight is your best choice.

5. You do not have to arrange extra visas

If you travel via another country, you may need extra documents for the country where you stop over, such as a (double entry) visa. This is the case, for example, if you travel via the United States where you must apply for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) prior to departure, a document that gives you permission to visit the country without a visa. This “visa waiver” applies to 38 countries, while for other nationalities a visa is required. There are also conditions attached to the ESTA, such as not being allowed to have been in Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia or Yemen after 1 March 2011. A visa is also required in this case. You can avoid this hassle by traveling directly to your destination.

More tips on how to fly more sustainably

When it comes to more sustainable travel, you can do more than just booking a direct flight. Here are a few more tips that help reduce your CO2 emissions from air travel:

  • If possible, also look at the type of plane of your flight. If you fly with a new aircraft, it is not just a better choice environmentally speaking, but it is also a lot more comfortable and safer. The chairs are often more spacious, you can possibly book seats with extra space, the engines make less noise and you have an extensive high-quality entertainment system. After all, a flight to the other side of the world goes a lot faster when you can watch a few good films.
  • Combine your vacation days. You can book a two-week flying holiday twice a year, but you can also choose to go once a year for four weeks. That saves you at least two long flights and you also have more time to get to know a country better.
  • Do not take the plane for distances under 500 miles, but look for alternatives. It is not always necessary to fly. Travelling by car, train or bus can be just as adventurous and fun. There is often much more to discover in our own ‘backyards’ or our neighbouring cities and countries than we realize. A new website was launched recently that helps you look for alternatives: greentickets.app.
  • In any case, traveling by train has many advantages. The train is comfortable, fast, often has wifi and is a relaxed way of travelling. You see the landscape change as it passes you by, or you can book night trains to get to your destination quickly and comfortably.
Better Places Travel compensates for CO2 emissions from your trip

Better Places Travel is the first travel organization in the Netherlands that compensates for the CO2 emissions of all its trips. With the aid of a carbon calculator, Better Places Travel calculates the CO2 emissions of a trip. These emissions are compensated by investing in more efficient cooking appliances in Ghana. This project meets the Gold Standard, the strictest sustainability mark for worldwide CO2 reduction projects.



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